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  1. Clumsy God - PC

    Destructoid posted about our game! http://www.destructoid.com/in-clumsy-god-helping-looks-a-lot-like-hurting-295028.phtml
  2. The Secrets of Fogwood (Official Trailer)

    Great game! The atmosphere is stunning.
  3. Continue the sentence

    but she caught him masturbating..
  4. My first sniper model [med-poly]

    Add some sort of preview render or video.
  5. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    Sounds great. Looking forward to it man.
  6. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    More pre-final renders, hope you people enjoy these as much as I do. :3
  7. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    Thanks dude! I haven't seen you in a while, sup with your artwork?
  8. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    I just love playing around with angles on this. Cycles, 500 samples.
  9. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    Yeah, I'll post updates today and the car paint can be easily manipulated, I just like the matte look. Thanks peps.
  10. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    Used internal for previous renders, this is all cycles bruv.
  11. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    Thanks guys haha.
  12. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    The wallpaper is <10mb so if you want it, leave me a PM and I'll be there ASAP with the dropbox link lel.
  13. LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    And now here's a wallpaper I made from the hood of the car. (Massive resolution).. Here -