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  1. Try reading the article before making smug remarks No1997 DIRECT QUOTE: "The method is called 5D because in addition to the three dimensional position of these nano-structures their refraction and polarization characteristics work as two additional parameters." As for surviving nukes and underground environments, DarKneT, I think they were just referring to general time decay. For example the CD/DVDs of today can only last 7 years before beginning to malfunction.
  2. Exactly what it says on the tin. This is some extremely break-through technology and I thought you gusy would be interested. Remember to check out RT more often as they're the only news channel to ever tell you the whole truth. LINK TO ARTICLE: http://rt.com/news/5d-nanostructured-glass-optical-memory-941/
  3. OmgBrehNoWay

    Armed Unity Community Mega Project

    The scariest thing to humans.. is other humans. We don't need monsters, zombies or anything else. If we just make it bandits or something dark like people escaped from a 'global prison' due to the loss of all electronics then it could work. Personally I prefer realism over complete fantasy. I always need something to make it real.
  4. OmgBrehNoWay

    Xbox One - Update 19th June 2013

    I never doubted them for a second. Microsoft tend to listen to their customers. P.S. - An insider has personally told me there is more changes to come.
  5. OmgBrehNoWay

    Xbox One - Update 19th June 2013

    Here's what they said: Read it yourself here: http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/update
  6. OmgBrehNoWay

    Darkraze FPS Updates

    Nah, I'm not a Bullet fan dude, I like heavier metal
  7. OmgBrehNoWay

    Darkraze FPS Updates

    Call it the 'J.J.E', which stands for 'Judge, Jury & Executioner' haha.
  8. OmgBrehNoWay

    COD: Ghosts VS BF4! Which game will outsell?

    That's not smart.. that's fucking lazy.
  9. OmgBrehNoWay

    COD: Ghosts VS BF4! Which game will outsell?

    The COD franchise is dead, sure it'll make a decent profit but it will not outsell BF4. Dice have worked so hard to give the fans what they want so I think they'll definitely out do COD on all aspects.
  10. OmgBrehNoWay

    unity3D | Roll The Ball

    Fantastic project.
  11. OmgBrehNoWay

    Good PC? | Close to final choice for new pc!

    Not a problem NG, I love you too man haha.
  12. OmgBrehNoWay

    Good PC? | Close to final choice for new pc!

    You're better off building your own dude. Check out Austin for tips: https://www.youtube.com/user/duncan33303
  13. OmgBrehNoWay

    Armed Unity Community Mega Project

    Might I also apply to test? I was one of the original finders of the Halo 2 'super jump' glitch. It was hilarious and sometimes tactically useful, but yes I'd enjoy trying to break a game once again.
  14. OmgBrehNoWay

    Armed Unity Community Mega Project

    I'm good with being a manager of the Music/Sound/Voice Acting team... seeing as I'm the only current member. To support my application I also have 6 years experience as a music producer in Scotland.
  15. OmgBrehNoWay

    Project Apocalypse - Survival Journey an FPS RPG

    Lovely, keep at it.