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  1. I'm Not Sure what you are asking :?
  2. I AM NEW

    Welcome Man . this forum is really friendly ! you will find answers on all of your questions ! Have a nice Day !
  3. State of new gui in unity 4.x

    yeah No power to watch
  4. First Person Legs?

    Deatrocker FPS kit ! or there is a setion in the Animated Models called Legs from first view or something ! watch it ! you can add them hope i helped
  5. Character Model WIP

    Man it looks Awesome +1 keep it up ! +1
  6. Scar

    looks good , when you done send a full pic of the model
  7. Project Apocalypse - Survival Journey

    looks awesome !!
  8. Last Zone - Open-World Parkour Survival Horror Game

    im the only one who see here CSS hands ? but modified ?
  9. Help with Score System

    no no no guys . i want so when you kill a zombie it will add 1+1+1 i mean like instead just adding 20 it will add 1 +1 each second until it reachs 20
  10. Help with Score System

    It's not that's why im asking to make it like that lol
  11. Help with Score System

    Hey Everbody , i got a big question ! i got some school project create a game ! .and i said i i will create a zombie game . my teacher said OK . so i got a question in the score manager when i kill a zombie i want so when i kill the zombie it will be like 1+1+1+1+1 uuntil it reach 20 . like in pfps kit . i tried everything ! and my project needs to be done in 1 week . so please help me !
  12. The End of the World

    I can Animate PM me if you intrested .
  13. My Android FPS Project

    Looks COOL !! keep it up
  14. The End of the World

    I Could animate it for You ! but for Reload,Draw,Fire animations it will be 9$ for you
  15. The End of the World

    Dude you better do something by your own . or ill be the first one to tell the cops and sue you lol