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  1. I always do the recoil through the camera's parent- that way it doesn't affect the mouselook. Pretty ghetto, but works well enough.
  2. (I originally posted this on the PUN Support forum, but there doesn't seem to be much activity going on over there) I briefly glanced over the Photon Friend support thing, and decided to just try it out with just a local PlayerPrefs "database", but Photon always just says the player is offline, even if the player is literally in the room with you. Here's my code (it's super sloppy blah blah): using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class friendList : MonoBehaviour { string[] friends; public char[] splitVar; public string friendToAdd = "Enter Friend Name..."; Vector2 scroll = Vector2.zero; string playerName; void OnJoinedLobby() { updateFriends(); playerName = "Player " + Random.Range(0, 999); PhotonNetwork.playerName = playerName; } public void updateFriends() { friends = PlayerPrefs.GetString("friendList").Split(splitVar, 200); Debug.Log(PlayerPrefs.GetString("friendList")); PhotonNetwork.FindFriends(friends); } public void removeFriend(string name) { PlayerPrefs.SetString("friendsList", ""); foreach(string pl in friends) { if(pl != name) { PlayerPrefs.SetString("friendList", PlayerPrefs.GetString("friendList") + name + "/"); } } updateFriends(); } void OnGUI() { if (PhotonNetwork.connectedAndReady) { GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect(10, 10, 1000, 600)); GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); GUILayout.BeginVertical("Box", GUILayout.Width(500)); GUILayout.Label(PhotonNetwork.playerName); GUILayout.Label("Friends: "); scroll = GUILayout.BeginScrollView(scroll, "Window"); if (PhotonNetwork.Friends != null) { foreach (FriendInfo friend in PhotonNetwork.Friends) { if (friend.Name != "") { GUILayout.BeginHorizontal("Box"); GUILayout.Label(friend.Name); if (friend.IsOnline) { if (friend.IsInRoom) { if (GUILayout.Button("Join")) { PhotonNetwork.JoinRoom(friend.Room); } } else { GUILayout.Label(" [In Lobby]"); } } else { GUILayout.Label(" [Offline]"); } if (GUILayout.Button("X", GUILayout.Width(50))) ; { removeFriend(friend.Name); } GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); } } } else { GUILayout.Label("No Friends Found... "); } GUILayout.EndScrollView(); GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); friendToAdd = GUILayout.TextField(friendToAdd); if (GUILayout.Button("Add", GUILayout.Width(100))) { PlayerPrefs.SetString("friendList", PlayerPrefs.GetString("friendList") + friendToAdd + "/"); updateFriends(); } if (GUILayout.Button("R", GUILayout.Width(50))) { PhotonNetwork.Disconnect(); Application.LoadLevel(0); } if (GUILayout.Button("X", GUILayout.Width(50))) { PlayerPrefs.SetString("friendList", ""); updateFriends(); } GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); GUILayout.EndVertical(); GUILayout.BeginVertical("Box", GUILayout.Width(500)); int count = PhotonNetwork.countOfPlayersInRooms + PhotonNetwork.countOfPlayersOnMaster; GUILayout.Label("Players Online: (" + count + ")"); foreach(PhotonPlayer pl in PhotonNetwork.playerList) { GUILayout.Label(pl.name); } GUILayout.EndVertical(); GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); GUILayout.EndArea(); } } } Is this a problem on Photon's end or mine? From my knowledge this should work from reading the reference, but if you need to use a thirdparty api or database I guess that'd explain the lack of response from Photon.
  3. This shows how bad I am at this stuff smh
  4. Oh yeah, makes sense. I suck at level design so the demo scene will have to do haha
  5. Thanks man, I hope to port it to Android where this stuff flies off the market like hot cakes
  6. I'll add it to the suggestions box ahaha thanks
  7. (Not sure if this is a clever sarcastic comment about the sheer genericness of this project, but just in case-) No... the soldiers are "Toon Soldiers 1.1", the weapons are "30 Low Poly Guns Pack 1.0", the sounds are "Post Apocalyptic Guns Demo 1.1", the GUI is "Radioactive GUI 1.0", and the map is "Cartoon Town and Farm 1.0". I'm obviously the author of all the scripts (besides the Standard Asset FPSController). If someone did steal my video, I'd appreciate it if you shot me a link
  8. Has a nice ring to it, but I'm not sure the SEO is the most efficient yet click-baity google play name possible
  9. Generic TF2 Clone: The Movie: The Game Part IV
  10. Yo guys, I've been working on this pretty generic wave-based cartoony shooter with models bought off of the asset store and subpar programming done while moderately intoxicated for the last couple weeks, but I cannot for the life of me come up with a name for it. SO I figured before I literally just write up a 3 minute script which chooses three random words from some arrays to completely drain any remaining creativity out of modern-day game development, I'd hold it up here for a discussion. So, obviously this game is sorta "unapologetically" cloning Team Fortress 2, or Overwatch, or Blitz Brigade, or Boom Beach, or Clash of Clans, or literally any somewhat non-realistic game made in the last decade, so a name sort of following that style (lighthearted, but uses some military jargon [team, brigade, squad, boom clans, blitz, platoon]) would be easiest, but if you guys have an idea or whatever I'd be happy to credit you somewhere in the game if I end up using it Anyway, enjoy a gallery of this mediocrity so I can start a new project and squeeze some money out of this train wreck to justify my irrational spendng in the asset store!! Screenshots:
  11. Original LG G Watch Urbane. Only $250 now, not bad
  12. This looks really awesome. I'll have to play it when I get home!
  13. Also here's a trailer I made in an hour. I'm not a video editing person so ehh lmao
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