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  1. NXTGenerationsTV

    How to add new weapons in fps kit v1.4 multiplayer

    sry for asking , but ive searched for the "fps kit v1.4 multiplayer"and only found this topic here, do you know were to get it ?
  2. NXTGenerationsTV

    Soldier 3D Model (My Best Character So Far) *Must See*

    Very nice model
  3. NXTGenerationsTV


    Looks good anyway ... keep it up
  4. NXTGenerationsTV

    Showcasing my Game (The Island)

    this is just for now ... the story will take place on a island (mainly) ... so its called "The Island" ... as soon as i release the story line you ll see why its called the island
  5. NXTGenerationsTV

    Seamless Ground Texture

    hahahah ... unfortunally no :/
  6. NXTGenerationsTV

    Illusion - Horror

    looks really awesome would like to play it
  7. NXTGenerationsTV

    Flappy Doggy

    5 LOL .., im bad
  8. NXTGenerationsTV

    Showcasing my Game (The Island)

    sure ... but i have to translate it .... cause its german and its really basic til now
  9. NXTGenerationsTV

    ELCAN C79 Scope that I made

    looks cool ... just add some nice dark textures and it will look really professional
  10. NXTGenerationsTV

    Do you like valentine's day?

    not really ... we do every day ... but seriously , i think u are right in some point .... i think valentines day was just found to sell more expensive crab to the people
  11. NXTGenerationsTV

    Do you like valentine's day?

    normally i like valentines day ... but 2 things .... im sick/ill as fuck und dont know what i could give my girlfriend as a present (she dont like presents) ... so yeah , still a cool day
  12. NXTGenerationsTV

    Side Project: Derelict (Horror FPS)

    awesome job .... keep it up
  13. NXTGenerationsTV

    Showcasing my Game (The Island)

    sorry got you wrong .... :S thx for the reply
  14. NXTGenerationsTV

    Showcasing my Game (The Island)

    New Update is out now: Please leave a coment on what you like and especially what you dont like
  15. NXTGenerationsTV

    Seamless Ground Texture

    thank you guys for the feedback that means quiet a lot to me