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  1. Medieval Bar Fight

    A very independent woman and a flirty elf walk into a bar...
  2. My Level Design Is For Sure Improving. Feedback Needed

    There is a newer version of this in the showcase forum, right above this one
  3. After hours of hard work, I have my scene complete. And upon finishing the scene, I was actually... In love with it. Hope you guys enjoy
  4. My Level Design Is For Sure Improving. Feedback Needed

    See the image above
  5. My Level Design Is For Sure Improving. Feedback Needed

    The only reason I was against trees is because it would not make too much sense with the environment I got inspiration from. In a mountainous/plain region (Such as Sierra Nevada in Spain) There will be very few, if not, any, trees at all.
  6. First off, I'd like to point out that I do this stuff for fun. Therefore, with no plans to ever release an asset or scene under my own name, I do indeed use assets from the unity asset store. Secondly, this scene took me a day and a half/2 days to make. Thirdly *IMPORTANT* I would love you guys to look through my profile at previous (Cringeworthy) scene-work. I've been studying my ass off for three months, and I feel confident now that my scenes feel natural and work well. I love feedback. Gimme dat feedback. Anyway, here it be
  7. Massive Medieval Level (With Download Link)

    Thank you for the tip. I actually had fog enabled, but because of the day/night cycle, I'd need to write a script changing the fog color based on time of day. Night + White distance fog = Ew. Im working on the environment some for optimization and fixing a lot of the materials, I'll see if I can get this worked out
  8. Massive Medieval Level (With Download Link)

    I'm re-configuring the project. Optimization is terrible, and materials need configuring for the day-night cycle.
  9. Massive Medieval Level (With Download Link)

    I was going for a bit of a Narnia vibe lol
  10. Hello. As you can see from the two previous posts here in the showcase forums, I have been working on a little project of my own called 'The Land of Oakwood'. WELL NOW YOU GET TO PLAY IT! It's a fairly large map with lots of exploration included! Download it here! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_l04uESyBSEKSDHdd7w5dWhfKaaJv8Jw --------Features---------- Includes an awesome character controller Moving animated guards in the main vilage Full village with surrounding walls, a mine, windmill, and more! Woods and landmasses surrounding the village for you to explore! Beauty! Every aspect of design in this little project was hand placed by myself! Assets from multiple amazing people on the asset store! (PM me for a full list) Day/night cycle -------CONTROLS-------- Alt/Right mouse button = Sprint Shift = Draw weapon Left mouse = attack (Weapon must be drawn first.) F = Toggle between 1st and 3rd person (1st person is a bit hard to control, I recommend that for view purposes only) Space = Jump -------PLEASE NOTE---------- This is NOT a game. This is just showing off what can be achieved with assets from the asset store! There are many bugs. There are no set boundaries on the map or any constraints. Few buildings in the level don't have mesh colliders, meaning the player can walk through DEPENDING ON FEEDBACK, I might go in and fix all of the known bugs and re-upload it here for you guys! ------IMAGES------
  11. Oakwood Village (Dusk)

    I actually have another variation out if you would like to give feedback on that as well
  12. Oakwood Village (Day)

    Variation of Oakwood. My personal favorite.
  13. Oakwood Village (Dusk)

    Are you suggesting I put more or are you asking if I have some I didn't really know with the fog so feedback is accepted. And yes, I have some on there, not too powerful due to the thunderstorm though
  14. Oakwood Village (Dusk)

    Post thunderstorm, medieval style village, with an epic feel to it. Created by me, see it on my ArtStation here: https://jett1318.artstation.com/
  15. Medieval Scene Work

    Thank you. I'll give it a try