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  1. Still taking any suggestions
  2. To be honest with you, I have never completed a previous project. I've never handled pay, and everyone on my team shall be paid the same amount, IF we are even doing that by the end. So I figure you won't take interest at the level of inexperience
  3. Coincidence?
  4. Hello! Leader of Team Psikic here. I need to know what you guys think of our team logo, and if it should change color schemes/font/shape etc. Let me know in the comments below! (Logo made by Rokas Jonushas A.K.A. Atomic Craze, 2D artist of the team)
  5. Hello! Leader of Team Psikic here. I need to know what you guys think of our team logo, and if it should change color schemes/font/shape etc. Let me know in the comments below! (Logo made by Rokas Jonushas A.K.A. Atomic Craze, 2D artist of the team)
  6. My name is Jett Spaulding, and I am the team leader of Team Psikic. My team is developing a game, and we are in need of experienced developers who are looking for pay (Maybe) and something fun to do! (Developing a game of course) Let's get down to it. Current development is just starting, we are in need of team members to fill out positions. The concept of the project is to have an open world Sci-Fi game, where humanity is on the verge of collapse and an unknown species has taken Earth as their own. There will also be some horror elements mixed in with the game for immersion, but all features will be discussed with the team and when we have a solid idea of what the future product is going to be we will go ahead with it. The final product of this game is going to be paid unless the team decides to make it free. All members will receive a portion of the money that the game makes, (If it is payed) We currently have seven members on our team and looking for more people who are willing to join and have something unique to offer to the table. Most of us aren't fully experienced with certain fields, which is why we need more people to join who are experienced and are passionate and willing to work. This doesn't imply we are all forced to work the whole day, and it also doesn't imply that all of us are experts. This is a team effort in making a massive game and also a learning trip for some. -We are currently looking for -Programmer - Good with C# and or JS on Unity [The more the better, but will need to find a way to keep all scripts cooperative so we don't have any bugs] -3D Modeler/Texture - People who are good with using CAD Applications that can make game assets, world props, vehicles, weapons and also rig them properly! [4 Open Spots] -Music Related - If you can make good Sci-Fi-y music then you should apply for this role! [Depends on skill level, we already have two great people] -Sound actors (Anyone can really be this role, and we aren't going to need one during the start of development. So applying for only this role isn't going to be practical.) [The more the better] -2D/UI Elements designer - Person who designs sprites 2d textures, 2d ui elements etc... [2 Open Spots] -AI Programmer - Good with programming AI [2 Open Spots] -Animation - A person who is good at animating with the unity engine, and can animate cutscenes etc... [4 Open Spots. (2 for animating objects like weapons and vehicles. 2 for the creatures and people)] We don't have much to show on the game, as we are starting out very simple, creating assets only to test with. Assets are very basic, but will be redone in the future. We have much to show about our talent as individuals. All work will be shown below. ---------Music---------- ------------------------ I am a scene designer/level designer and one of the placeholder 3D modelers right now, as the assets are basic enough for me to model. (No, our game is not a Halo ripoff, I just use Halo to show off my skill in scene work) Here are some of the test assets we are using to test code. Here is one of our 2d artist's work. It is irrelevant to the game, but it is a showoff of his talent. And here is some work of our other 2d artist's work. (This is actually our logo) We hope developers out there take interest in this project!!!! Comment any questions or anything regarding your interest to help and I'll pm you!!!!
  7. Thank you. I think lighting is the biggest problem but trying to find the sweet spot
  8. These are some pictures of a scene I've recently set up in unity.
  9. Good luck to you!
  10. Thanks for the offer, but I'm taking this team I'm putting together very seriously Just for the simple fact I want to actually get a game out on the market. So for that reason, I'm gonna stick with mine on this one. I've already got two members, so maybe you can tell me a little bit about your talents and I can open up a spot for you If you want to that is.
  11. Fairly good, although I am not going to give myself too much credit. I am about to upload more work for you guys to look at
  12. Nice
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I'll make an update.
  14. (Forwarding my post from the discussions section to gain a higher level of attention.) Original post: This is just a simple post asking if anyone wants to come together and make a game that costs some bucks. I usually have no luck posting here in the looking for team members section because it seems as if 12 year-olds are molesting this section of the website looking for a minecraft/halo/call of duty clone STILL, providing no information about themselves whatsoever As for the game itself, there aren't any plans quite yet except that it will have a price (Unless the future 'team' doesn't approve of that idea). I won't dare consider myself a team leader, because that would be rushed and unfair. We, as a team, after enough members are acquired, will vote on decisions that we make throughout the team and within the game we make. It is fair to say that everything should go as a team effort. This brings up my next point. Our 'team' will have no room for people who want to just "tag along". We will need skilled individuals who take what they do seriously. No, this does not mean you will be in a crude rude environment working on the game, whatever that game may be. It simply means that you do your job/part correctly when it is required. This should be a decent filter to rid of the ones who think that making a game consists of painting the terrain green, using the rigidbody first person prefab and showing this final result your mother to prove how talented you are so she'll pat you on the head and call you "sweety". There will be room for jokes and/or chatting. As far as I am concerned, I'm pretty decent at environmental design, concept art, and music involving piano and/or guitar. Sadly, I have nothing to show as of now except for some of my pencil art. I've had nothing to put my talent toward or invest in. Since I have nothing to show on this forum, I'll have to replace that with some information regarding my talents. 1. I am very familiar with the Unity engine. I've messed with it since the very early stages of Unity 3. 2. I have been playing guitar since I was 9. (8 years) 3. I have played piano for just under 3 years. Mastered Bella's Lullaby and man, is it a chick magnet or WHAT? (Just felt like sharing that part ) 4. I've been drawing since I was 2. That's not much considering that half of the population has that history, but you'll have to look at the pictures I've included. The purpose of this is to show the kind of environments I can create using 2d and 3d assets. The elite (Big green alien with the sword) Looks like more than a sprite because I highlighted his outer right edge to give the illusion of light making him feel as if he is a part of the scene. I often use halo when doing scene work to show off shaders and such.
  15. Sadly I do not have a Steam account yet. But thanks for the quick reply! Just PM'd you!