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  1. Is my game I work. Is work with Vr control but i need The VR is rare, I know. The game is a horror game. sorry for my bad english If you wanna donate, Pm Me, I need to buy The VR, not is obligatory. I am From venezuelan, I have 19.
  2. you need to change in the script, change in the script put in the lower speed var To public I so :I I writing this 5:40 Am I cant sleep
  3. Hahahahaha. good luck.
  4. exgen

    new fps camera

    you are Awesome
  5. exgen

    object spawning

    You using Fps kit 2.0 ? and yo need create gameobject to prefab and not in the scene put in the proyect and not in the scene
  6. Hi, Heres Is my Final Proyect and the Serious. "InFlux" Seeking team members! captures Log:: *Advanced Fps Controller. in the next update have parkour. *Advanced Turrets. *Acid and Pool and water Physics. *Elevators. *Working The Stop Time System. and more Things. working in the levels this is a Demo Level. https://mega.co.nz/#!wtkiyYIB!GaDPc3KDT2W8P-0CtoN5YD8fm-0R2xh2l4lTbu3ms-o
  7. Put audio Source to your Spotlight Here Script Have 2 audioclip On And off Js var flashlightOn : boolean = false; var soundOn : AudioClip; var soundOff : AudioClip; var onIntensity = 5.0; var offIntensity = 0.0; function Update () { //Checks if the F key is down and whether the boolean is on or off. if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F) && flashlightOn == false){ AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(soundOn, light.transform.position); flashlightOn = true; //If the f key is down and the boolean is false, it sets the boolean to true. light.intensity = onIntensity; } else { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F) && flashlightOn == true) { AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(soundOff, light.transform.position); flashlightOn = false;//If the f key is down and the boolean is true, it sets the boolean to false. light.intensity = offIntensity; } } } Bye.
  8. hi. this is used by photon ? or native servers?
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