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  1. Hey All, I have been trying to create a CSGO automated trade bot, and it is very difficult for me, especially because I don't know c#. I have been trying very hard, doing alot of google searches and such, and haven't had great results. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this and can make a tutorial or help walk me through makinga simple trade bot, one that quickbuys stuff for keys, and sells for keys for 100% profit. Thank you if anyone knows anything about this. I am trying to understand this guide, https://github.com/Jessecar96/SteamBot/wiki/Configuration-Guide#full-customization-with-userhandlers and honestly don't even understand that. I need a very simple tutorial. Thank you! J
  2. Guys. The need help section isn't for someone to code for you, it is to help you. Don't ask for a code to make someone move, ask, hm, how is this wrong, or ask, can you help me out here? Also, the character controller one should be working from unity. drag the prefab onto the scene view
  3. Sorry I am really bad at GUI. How would I center GUI in a text box such as this one? Thanks for your help! http://s11.postimg.org/67jg3bo9f/Screen_Shot_2014_11_30_at_5_04_36_PM_2.png
  4. I was hoping there were a few people who would like to program just to program, without money involved, and I put it up as soon as possible so people could help evolve the game. Thanks for the feedback though!
  5. Thank you! Working hard. I understand what you said about my wording, what I meant, is its currently just me, but in the future, when I have more people helping, I hope to work together. That is what I meant. Thanks of the feedback!
  6. That is part of why I said it. I don't want to lie to people about how old I am, or them make assumptions. I have known 13 year old devs on here who run a group with 16+ year olds, so its not really rare.
  7. What is Feel Good Games? FGG (feel good games) is a brand new group of indie developers who work together on a project in their spare time, not working on huge projects., that is important to know. It is currently just me. Recruiting? I am currently recruiting people who don't necesarily have a specialty in anything, but can do everything pretty well. I do need someone good at GUI however. I am only looking for 2 or 3 other people. Payment: Currently I do not plan on making any money off of this game. If we do in the future, we will split the moneysde evenly between us. We can talk more about money 1 on 1. Past Projects and Current Game: I have worked on many small games by myself before, but haven't released anything to the public, as I never intended too. I was making games for myself to learn. I have also freelanced with different dev teams, always for no pay, to help out. My current project doesn't have a name, and I came up with the concept when scrolling through green light. I noticed that there were futuristic games, and a lot of fps games. And that made me think. My current plan is a sort of game where you are inside of a computer hacking buildings. They all require a certain level or maybe GPU level, and they take time to hack. When hacking, some viruses, and firewall things come at you, and you fight them to get money and hack faster. The buildings get harder and harder and you get loot from them when you hack along with levels. The loot could be money, parts, weapons, or rare super items, such as an auto hacker or a sentry gun. Also, you would have a ram and such that controls what you can hack and how well. That is my current plan. Open to opinions. Again, I just started this project today, and I keep getting new ideas to add, and I am not that far into the game, so lots of room for improvement. I am using the FPSKit just as a code reference to help me code my own complex scripts. About me: I am Josh Marchand, a 13 year old programmer, who has been programming for a few years now. Please don't let my age discourage, I am what I believe to be a good team leader, and responsible. On the other side I have lots of school work and just normal life to deal with, so again, this will be a side project, do production may be slow, but it will get done. I may ask another group member to be co owner and help run when I am busy. You can contact me here: josh.marchand@icloud.com PM me on here When you join, we can start skyping. Please leave your name, age, and any and all information down below if your at all interested and we can chat 1 on 1. also note all meetings will be held based on EST. Sorry for any typos or formatting errors. I am writing this on my iPhone, and I will fix everything when I am on my computer.
  8. My current project is called UnNamedProject_37... I need to clean up xD

  9. Ok thank you. But if I did have a credit section later on, if I used anything from anyone else, would it be right for me to include that as a reference?
  10. If I were using the FPSKit Just to get a basic idea of how to make certain codes, not actually using the actual codes or anything from it, would I need to give credit? Or even, would it be right to even if I didn't use it? Thanks! J
  11. This looks really great, only one thing I see, It seems ALOT like minecraft and terreria, but thats not necessarily a bad thing, just letting you know Edit: Also, could you add a mac version as well?
  12. Awesome share! Will probably use this.
  13. Well what I think of next gen is like revolutionizing games, like next gen consoles.
  14. I remember back when this game was called something completely different... I forget what it was though...
  15. This is awesome! You are doing great work!
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