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  1. Pyrome

    [PT] Map

    When you said PT map I thought you meant the silent hills pt
  2. so a couple of people are going along the amazon river and one asks for a drink. The first person (let's assume its a researcher) suggests he go grab some punch. There's a local stand nearby and it isn't very costly. The second one asks, "won't you have to wait a terribly long time?" "No," responded the first, "because there is no punch line."
  3. I've loved infamous for a long time. So infamous.
  4. I do, I've done various voice overs for radio stations. (Kinda lame I know) and was also involved in some other stuff in various facets of my community. I also do tons of music stuff. I'll collect it all into a portfolio for you.
  5. So, I'm pretty sure this is where itd go, but I would like to offer my voice acting service and music production for your games, so if you are interested, PM me and I'll work for you. By the way I work for free (unless you want to pay me, in which case I'll work paid). let me know!
  6. Pyrome

    I Have Returned!

    Hey! Back and developing games again! I've been gone for a looong while, and y'all probably don't remember me, but here I am! Ready to return as an active member of this awesome community again!
  7. I have, for the longest time, been working on a youtube series I was gonna call speed. Its a superhero action/comedy thing, and the trailer is finally here! Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpr_ow09EWQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player Any ideas for absurd second rate villains? Drop 'em in the comments. Give them a name, a power and a weakness. Also, any other ideas, and you can comment those too, I want as many minds on this as possible. And in the episode your villain or idea is in, ill give you co producer creds for that episode! Hope y'all enjoy, and tell me what you think!
  8. Hey, I've been mulling it over, and I'd like to further my music career (along woth game making, and video making as hobbies. I ain't stoppin those) but Im sure that many of you guys are musically inclined and make your own stuff. I was wondering if any of y'all wanted to collaborate on a song? If you have something you wanna work with me on, just PM me or hit me up in the comments. Thanks in advance!
  9. Heh, I didn't really wrote the lyrics. That's like the only thing TCS did (aside from editing and posting). I just sang the lyrics and did the instruments.
  10. Dang! I've been singing for a while, but in all my time doing that I didn't expect to be approached by a youtuber! I was recently approached by a guy called TCS who does video game parodies to sing a song for him, and I'm pretty proud of it! Please make sure to share it and spread it around! Also, make sure to tell me what you think of it! Link:
  11. Hey, I know LOTS of you have game projects of your own that you have been working hard on, but may have trouble getting into the public eye. This is where I could come in. I would like to record myself and an associate of mine playing some indie games, so mind if I use that opportunity to promote the super awesome games of this community? Will you let me play your games?
  12. Yeah there is! Message me, and I'll tell you how!
  13. My show that I mentioned before, close captioning, was my little project that I've been making as of late (which is why I took a short break from game making). My uncle, JR. DeLang, who was the former VP at fox studios (look it up) said that he may, if it's good enough, be able to get it on TV. Now in order to do this, I'd need donations. Now, if you do donate, A) I'll put you in the credits of an episode as an executive producer. B ) I'll try and work you into an episode. And C) I'll do something, on your request for you. So can you help a guy out? Message me if you wanna donate to the show.
  14. Woah it's snow dust! Your back! Cool!
  15. Haha thanks SameenIbne! We do have a mic, but this was mostly a very subtle (to the point of being non recognizable) parody of documentaries without mics that they show us in school. I have a zoom mic and an audio technica boom mic.
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