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  1. Armed Unity Multi Server V1.0

    It works on earlier versions of unity version 5 however unity is killing certain codes as long as you don't use the newer versions of unity it works. anything 5.21 and below this project will work with. If you wan't the project file i will send it to you.
  2. Armed Unity Multi Server V1.0

    That is because their is no torrent it was created by me. However this dealt with rpg coding that is now dead if you use the newer version's of unity. Hower if you still need the project folder i can send them to you Troy.
  3. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    You need to recheck your software because that isn't my ip.
  4. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    Anyway's you take it easy dude. I have a few thing's to do.
  5. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    Well you shouldn't have stopped posting just because of a few immature retard's. It's alway's the brat's that make immature remark's.
  6. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    It doesn't bother me. I am starting to see who all the idiot's are anyway's.
  7. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    Thanks dude. I guess your the one everybody is making all the fuss over.
  8. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    You guys don't even know what you are talking about.
  9. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    I never said i was 32. And that would mean millions of people.How do i know you ain't this cat you are talking about. Didn't you send me a message a little while ago saying you were this dude.
  10. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    I never made no such post. Sorry you must have me confused with someone else. If you wan't to pay me a million dollars to design something for you. I would be happy to take the job though lmfao.
  11. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    I never had no such project. I never said i did. Are you trying to put words in my mouth. Just because i have client's does not mean i have a million dollar business. Yes i live comfortable but i am not rich either. And the only reason i live like i do is from hard work.
  12. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    I will post all screenshots of everything in its creation process when i post the model for download just to shut you up. Now go annoy someone else. Your worse than a fly on shit. If you don't like the stuff i post than don't post. Or if you have ideas on how to improve something than post your ideas but do not post dumbass shit because im starting to think your just jealous. Are you jealous or something dude. Are you 1 of those homo sexual type stalkers or something.
  13. German Luger.

    It's not finished i still have work to do on it. I want to add like a serial number and other things to it as well. The client said he wanted movable parts as well. And be able to break the gun down into parts. So i am having to look at pictures and such to try to figure out how to break the gun down into multiple parts and get them to look like the real actual part's.
  14. My newest art. Zombified Country.

    That is why my animations that will be in the asset will not be mixamo the animations are created through another program. The clothing is designed in fabulous designer. The model was created through make human. And the rigging was done in mixamo. Everything that had to be followed was followed. Below are the condition terms. P.s i am allowed to use make human as long as i do not sell the model however i am able to freely give it away.This is why i am giving the model to the community. So don't be telling me about the rules because i probally know them way better than you,