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  1. Bruh, that site really doesent look professional at all.
  2. Hello man! I m actualy myself from Latvia but living in Denmark It is good that you are interested in programming, but yeah. It takes time to get along String is a kind of a sentence can you think of String is a tipe of variable, lets say if you say "var test : string" you will get a variable where you can write with leters, so on with int's and yeah. (That little script there was JS Btw) But yeah, Welcome man
  3. Hello guys, so i wanted to ask you all about how do you make a login system? I have seen lots of scripts out there but u rlly dont know how you set it up? Do you have to have a webpage? or you can use something like a cloud storage to run your script? If someone could guide me through that it would bee the best! Or fx, how do you catch a specific number from your database? fx if i want to make some fancy user info thingy about how many kills i have or sometihing like that In short ways, how can you make a database on the internet that can store all kinds of data that i can get after get on my pc and show it
  4. Welcome to the forum The only one thing i m thinking about is that your name is "danish operator" but you come from brazil? Does that mean that you live in denmark and are brazillian?
  5. Nice, but i have a question. In what program you make your animations in?
  6. Welcome! And i m from denmark too, so if you need some help feel free to ask!
  7. Are you sure you got all the components used in dev scene, in yours?
  8. Lol, yesterday i betted on fanatic, cuz they have won all the matches before so i thought fuck it. I went all in on them, betted 30 eur and got 0 back Fuuuck
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