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  1. I guess depends on the style but nice work man looks great
  2. Hello, so I have a question, how can you make it so that the program recognizes your hand movement. For example the program would be able to recognize what shape I drew with my hand. I have currently set up 9 box triggers to detect player's hand movement but I think it is too inconvenient. Is there any other ways?
  3. lol lucian u and my brother have the same name i don't think there are any free mp fps kits but u can def buy one on the assestore
  4. right things change over time i remember how people used to care about triangles and polys a few years ago
  5. looks pretty nice, just wondering so bolt works for mmorpg?
  6. on the assetstore u may want to include the number of polys for them as some buyers may want to know not going to give any feedback cause ur models always look amazing lol
  7. taichiu727

    RPG Wip

    nice i like the feel
  8. did this as well doesn't work
  9. I have tried searching up ways to do this like turning off shader or adding two cameras but just doesn't work. Is there any other ways of achieving this? Thanks
  10. use transform.right instead of Transform
  11. i think u need use better textures
  12. is this what u want? http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/914923/standard-shader-emission-control-via-script.html
  13. Hello guys long time no see. Haven't have the time to work on unity anymore in the past year because of school work but anyways I am back(forgot alot of things already). Recently my school created a tech startup event which students need to come up with a prototype or idea in 3 days. My team and I decided to make a vr platform for education which can be used in a variety of subjects(history, science, etc) Well since the prompt was to make our school lighter so we thought that by reliving stress and making learning more interactive and vibrant by using vr would create a better learning environment that can't be achieved by teachers and textbooks. You can see the final presentation and the very sketchy demo here https://www.facebook.com/voideducation?fref=ts (please give a like!) As you can see from the demo the quality is not good and the soldiers do not even have guns xD but since we basically rushed everything to finish a usable demo we will continue to improve so please stay up to date!
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