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  1. error while downloading... plz fix it....
  2. Web player link not working...........
  3. I m working on a car racing game for android and getting problem with the left and right movement of the car with accelrometer..movement is not smooth..anyone can help me.Complete update function code is given below....plz do help me... function Update () { var dir : Vector3 = Vector3.zero; // This is to limith the maximum speed of the car, adjusting the drag probably isn't the best way of doing it, // but it's easy, and it doesn't interfere with the physics processing. rigidbody.drag = rigidbody.velocity.magnitude / 250; // Compute the engine RPM based on the average RPM of the two wheels, then call the shift gear function EngineRPM = (FrontLeftWheel.rpm + FrontRightWheel.rpm)/2 * GearRatio[CurrentGear]; ShiftGears(); // set the audio pitch to the percentage of RPM to the maximum RPM plus one, this makes the sound play // up to twice it's pitch, where it will suddenly drop when it switches gears. audio.pitch = Mathf.Abs(EngineRPM / MaxEngineRPM) + 1.0 ; // this line is just to ensure that the pitch does not reach a value higher than is desired. if ( audio.pitch > 2.0 ) { audio.pitch = 2.0; } // finally, apply the values to the wheels. The torque applied is divided by the current gear, and // multiplied by the user input variable. FrontLeftWheel.motorTorque = EngineTorque / GearRatio[CurrentGear] ; FrontRightWheel.motorTorque = EngineTorque / GearRatio[CurrentGear] ; // the steer angle is an arbitrary value multiplied by the user input. FrontLeftWheel.steerAngle = 10 * Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"); FrontRightWheel.steerAngle = 10 * Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"); dir.x = -Input.acceleration.y; dir.z = Input.acceleration.x; if (dir.sqrMagnitude > 1) dir.Normalize(); // // Make it move 10 meters per second instead of 10 meters per frame... dir *= Time.deltaTime; // Move object transform.Translate (dir * 10); }
  4. Jawad

    Puzzle game

    fittay muu.....
  5. Make Box collider atatched with an empty object after every 10 miles and check onTrigger. then in onTriggerEnter function make wat u want..suppose when the player passes through first collider there is a function in script attatched with collider object which checks if the player passes increase the speed wat u want and similarly apply for ur next collider...hope u got it..
  6. Jawad

    Puzzle game

    I want to make a puzzle game..how can i create this one..from where i can found interesting puzzles game algoritham which make the games more addictive...??
  7. Jawad

    PowerUp GUI

    I used to see unity documentation but did not get it...
  8. Jawad

    PowerUp GUI

    this is where i am currently messed up - I have to make a power-up GUI in the game like in in temple run read this is what i wanna do - when i open a scene i see the button called settings, i click on it and a screen opens and i can tap on the powerup tap button to buy it [once tapped it changes color forever as i have purchased it and other 3 parts of the bar are disable till Enable button 1 to buy when - coinVal=500, Enable button 2 to buy when - coinVal=1500, Enable button 3 to buy when -coinVal=2500] like this http://cdn.appstorm.net/ipad.appstorm.n ... -Perks.png please help me...
  9. how can i load screen shot here...
  10. yes i applied wheel collider class...
  11. I create a terrain which has a terrain collider.when i placed a car which has all 4 wheel colliders at the terrain, it passes through the terrain..how can my car stays on the terrain and run??
  12. hey daer i tried alot but could not solve my problem..Plz give me any script for an endless racing track. I shall be v thankful 2 u...
  13. Which is the best way to learn unity scripting (API)??
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