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  1. Yes did it on my youtube video, also I do know how to do it but I just wanted a second hand. all I need is a second hand to speed it up. Also, it's more than merging the two scripts I need to completely rewrite the controller which is fine just gonna take some time. Also, more than fixing ads I can do it myself I'm going to build the mouse rotator but of course differently into the new controller, then just call the new mouse rotator function and lower the floats based on the weight var of the weapon. It's not hard at all, as I said all I need is an extra hand to speed the process up. Nice try at trying to make me look like a scrub tho lol.
  2. would love if the animator knew KI system well also.
  3. Payment: no sure kinda just doing this for fun, maybe if people like this game we can make money Previous work: did some 3d modeling for games a few years back but now I'm getting more into the coding now (all my 3d modeling skills are gone lol.) Progress: Working on the best weapons script ever based on real-life statistics of weapons to affect things like wound size, recoil, fire rate things like that :D. Also working on a hitbox system that calculates the probability of bullet movement after entering a body with the weapon variables and inflicts bleeds based on wound size that weapons make that also calculates the blood loss of an actual human that gets shot, based on there heart rate and movement after the wound. Job Roles: would love some people that just want to help see this come together - would really love an animator, 3d modeler and 2nd coder to help me
  4. wait you just joined the forum yesterday
  5. hi guys im a 15 y/o game designer ive now been working with unity 3d for 2ish years on and off and now I have now learned unity 3d coding good and am ready to code my first game its going to be a basic multiplayer fps game ========================= so what i need is : a weapon/character modeler a texture/shader artist a rigger/animator a level designer ========================= respond here or add me on skype if you are really interested previous work : http://imgur.com/jFnoMUi,IyazT7x,AdC1gNI http://imgur.com/jFnoMUi,IyazT7x,AdC1gNI#1 http://imgur.com/jFnoMUi,IyazT7x,AdC1gNI#2
  6. well Im shooting for the stars lol and I don't have any previous work because i'm not a modeler,animator or rigger
  7. Hey guys my name is Gabe Im a 14 yo js scripter that wants to make a game like gta online but free to play on the unity engine what I need is Modelers for: characters cars weapons building maps I also need: another js scripter (that knows how to work with multiplayer) a texture/shader artist a sound designer a animator/ rigger If your interested please add me on skype: latinointheloft thank you
  8. so my moddler asked me how many polys he should make the gun and i don't know what will look good on unity but also not crash it so does anyone have a good idea of how many polys a usual gun should have to work good in the unity engine.
  9. hey guys I was wondering how you can add gunshot sounds to this simpe script script #pragma strict var theBullet : Rigidbody; var Speed = 20; function Update () { if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) { var clone = Instantiate(theBullet, transform.position, transform.rotation); clone.velocity = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3(0, 0, Speed)); Destroy (clone.gameObject, 3); } }
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