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  1. Hey guys, i made this (atleast meant to be) cartoon-stylish m4-stylish gun. It looks a bit different than the normal m4, so i like to call it the M40-C, just because. Here is the file: (It's a .blend file) http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ig1rywsw1tv95c/M4.blend
  2. Hey guys, i made these FPS arms. This actually is my first fully finished model, so, yeah. Here's the download: (It's a .blend file) https://www.mediafire.com/?owtlgwgfvy6wvsg
  3. I really can't code, how the hell can i do that?
  4. Can you do that it takes a second to reload?
  5. Well i've got a pretty simple knife model, Looks good, but is made out of just one side. I will post a pixture when i can.
  6. What do you do?: I think i can help you with map design. Do you require pay?: Nope... Age?: 12... (Being young doesn't mean i can't help you...) Name?: Carlos How can i contact you?: I've got skype. (carlosgaaf) Country?: The netherlands
  7. can i remove that the player can lay down. (I've got a water that hasn't got any effects...)
  8. I didn't really looked at the date... but is this the first gun he makes or the first thing he makes in sketchup?
  9. Okay, i make all my models in sketchup... but thats just weird, dude... (Sorry but it's true...)
  10. I always liked the G36c, I will use this in my game because this is realllllllly good! (I will give you credit.) Thanks!
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