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  1. Device Details

    its for a phone... | | ___ oh....ok. but you can still check using other apps like CPU-Z or etc unless you want to make your own app! hehehhe
  2. Device Details

    (im not planning on using it on my game, im just using it to check my processors...lol) *like there is no other way to check then to right lots of lines of code to do so... oh wait... dxdiag.exe But good work!
  3. New Police Infinity Map

    *speechless... note: i literally had to look up the meaning of fridgid on urban dictionary...
  4. New Police Infinity Map

    For naming. good observations is required... -as we can see, there is a river flowing in the side, it should most likely be frozen or really cold -there is a cliff i see or is it just a really big rock? -this must be some accident? police investigation scene? -judging by the nature i can call it: riverside cliffside under the rock or yah....
  5. Button loads a scene

    var sceneL : String; if(GUI.Box(Rect(1,1,200,20), "Load Main Level")) { Application.LoadLevel(sceneL); } assign that, then put your 'game' level name on sceneL
  6. in Regards to this: http://kimmonsdesign.com/node/21 that was a dialogue system made by someone on youtube. but i see that the website is not available anymore, so i will teach you how to make your own. this is a words document i made... How i did my Dialogue system for unity3d By: Farhan Ramadhani Irsyad To start of, so far it’s only a 1 side dialogue meaning only 1 person is talking... but you can expand the mechanisme and make it into a full conversation. The few things that you should already have done is: -Have a player that can talk to an NPC... -Have a NPC that can talk / display text on screen however you like... -Have an empty GameObject as your GameManager. So, in theory, you should be able to walk up to the NPC and call a talk function from the player to the NPC so that the NPC can talk or in some cases display text on screen. Let’s get started! The first thing you want is, open your gameManager script or create one if you dont have, then create 5 new variables: var charName : String; //This will be the name of the NPC var curMessage : String; //this is the message that will be displayed var showText : boolean; //this is a boolean to show if the message is displayed var posRight : boolean; //this boolean is for the position of the text (left/right) var curImage : Texture2D; //this is the image of the NPC Then, create a new function OnGUI() if you don’t have one already, then put this lines into it: if(showText) { if(posRight) { GUI.Box (Rect (300, Screen.height/2 + 100, Screen.width -302, Screen.height/2 - 100), charName + " : " + curMessage); GUI.Box (Rect (0,Screen.height /2,300,Screen.height/2), curImage); } else { GUI.Box (Rect (0, Screen.height/2 + 100, Screen.width -302, Screen.height/2 - 100), charName + " : " + curMessage); GUI.Box (Rect (Screen.width -300,Screen.height /2,300,Screen.height/2), curImage); } } So, if you analize the code, it should create a Gui box half of the screen and create a Gui picture of the NPC next to the GUI box... it should look like this: http://prntscr.com/9i9ijv Note: for the picture, this is the previwew if it is set up perfectly. only the box should be seen so far, not the text and/or image because it has not been assigned yet Then, on your NPC, you should have a function called talk() or whatever as long as its been called from the player to the npc. But for now, we will call it function Talk(). On your NPC, create these new variables: var myName : String; //the name of the NPC var messageS : String[]; //the messages it will say var displayText : String; //the current message it is showing var showText : boolean; //boolean to show the text (currently talking or not) var imageShow : Texture2D; //the NPC’s character image var gameManager : GameManager;//the gameManager Object; Then on function Update(), add this line: if(showText) { gameManager.showText = true; } else { gameManager.showText = false; } } Which basically means that if showtext = true, then the gameManager showtext should also be true; Then, on function Talk(), add this line: showText = true; for(var i = 0; i < messageS.Length;i++) { displayText = messageS[i]; gameManager.curMessage = messageS[i]; gameManager.curImage = imageShow; gameManager.charName = myName; yield WaitForSeconds(2); } showText = false; Which basically plays all the messageS 1 by 1 with a delay of 2 seconds, and also assigns the variables to the gameManager like the name, image & text. You can add anything else and put it into this function. Then, you can add any string text to your messageS variable, then add 2D texture as the character image, then the name. If you did it all perfectly, then it should look like the picture above. That is all for this tutorial, make sure to check and Re-check if there are any mistakes / steps that you might missed, if you need any trouble you can facebook me on Thelegokid4455 / Farhan Ramadhani Irsyad. Tips: - you can add more person to the dialogue using turns system like turn 1 = player turn 2 = npc etc. - if you want to do more then 1 person talking, then make sure you change the posRight variable in gameManager by doing gameManager.posRight = true/false; - if you want to add expressions, you can make a var curExpression and send it to the gameManager, but then you need more images. - you can add sounds if you want. - you can also make the text using typewriter like, so it would type the text on screen. Just find a typwriter script online then put it on the gameManager. - you can use Gui styles if you want.
  7. AK electric guitar

    i was expecting real firing mechanisme but..... i guess thats still cool
  8. Need your help really fast.

    http://www.imdb.com/list/ls000414837/ maybe in there? possible choices i probably know.... die hard? rush hour? the bodyguard? idk...
  9. Free Spaceship Shooter Pack!

    Oh.... i saw the pictures on google images!! hahahahah, yes the fighter look like the x wing doesnt it? its actually a normal plane i jst modified it so that it looks more, spaceshipy.. also that trretship model is a google image reference, also the carrier was a concept from gof2 carrier just better (lol).... anyway thnx! wait, it was released yesterday? maybe someone was watching the upload> ILLUMI-NAZI
  10. Free Spaceship Shooter Pack!

    what do you mean? i made this myself? i based it off galaxy on fire 2 hd on ipad... but even so, really? does it really look like it? i never senn the game though! i dont really fan star wars! but anyway thnx for the review!
  11. To start of, i aint gon' put pictures!!! nah just kiddN http://prntscr.com/8p32rk http://prntscr.com/8p3326 http://prntscr.com/8p33mi http://prntscr.com/8p3441 contentes: -free spaceship model for player -free spaceship model for ai they be chasin n shootin you -free battleship w turrets they be chasin you -free space carrier with turrets and plane spawning they be chasin you too -turrets: laser, beam, rocket(seeking) -speed controler -mother ship model, nah this was just random stuff i put together! -if crash shile speed is high, you gon' die! -boosting! also cool effects when boosting! just download it and if you are really looking for a spaceship shooter game, i guarantee that you will not be dissapointed... maybe a bit though! link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zvvpy4q335rrza8/Space+Fighter.rar game: much like Galaxy on fire, and those type of games!!! trust me i spent days making this for you guys and i think its quite good warning its the whole project so it might be big! controls: -if mouse(mouse key look around) -else(w up s down a left d right) -q,e pan the ship -left mouse primary weapon -right mouse secondary weapon and also: if you gone use it, pls credit me thnx!
  12. A game base on random shit!

    edit: there is already a game called shopping simulator and its fricking HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much like that goat game, this games is like you must go around a mall collecting goods for christmas and stuff!!!!
  13. Whats the best way to animate multiple weapons with one set of arms

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i do this all the time!!!! 1. get a weapon with animations... ex. hand with m1911 handgun 2.find a new gun model ex. p226 handgun 3.scale and add each component of p226 gun into m1911 gun ex. p226 slide gameobject put into m1911 slide gameobject note: this part is the hardest since unity3d sometimes rescales the models.... so you need to rescale them! 4.disable all mesh of the m1911 model except the hand models! 5.there! you have p226 and 1 model! note:this is not recommended since its some messy sh*t and probably not dependable cause repositioning the new gun will glitch the model but this still works though!!!! hahahahah i used to do this with omas fps kit..... good old days!!! that deagle pistol anim on m1911 pistol hahahahahaa i was terrible back then (goes on and on about past failures using omas fps kit)
  14. A game base on random shit!

    SHOPPING SIMULATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Free FPS Mech Controller

    So guys, remember i made a mech pack right? now this.. this right here baby is a fps mech although its just the controller, it looks cool! also free thermal vision!!! before you download let me remind you... this is just the fps controller with mech huds and camera illusions... its not a complete project though.... just warning you... also models are placeholders from TF3DM.com.... they are ripped and must not be used! for setting thermal: -find your model -duplicate the most visible mesh (can be more than 1) -add "thermal" material to it. -change layer to thermal Pack Includes! -free mech fps controller -ripped, rex from metal gear solid model.... -thermal effect... -map camera and thermal camera... images http://prntscr.com/8g6oet http://prntscr.com/8g6pf2 http://prntscr.com/8g6qd0 http://prntscr.com/8g6rmc link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c7ri73jdn7fe1gd/FPS+Mech.rar