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  1. Would love to work on both environment design, and graphic design for this kit if you'd be interested. I would also like edit some videos for you if you'd like. Here's my channel, PM me. http://www.youtube.com/imnexusshd/ The videos are only to showcase editing not gameplay btw. Would really like to work with you on this project. I'll keep up with my messages on here, just hmu.
  2. If you are ever looking for someone with a lot of experience willing to do small amounts of free work or large amounts of work for little compensation let me know. I would be more than happy to design/work on environments for your game and do some graphic design/video editing for you if you'd like as well. I also have this kit purchased. I charge very little to nothing for work so give me a shout if you're in need!
  3. Essentially I'm using a kit that has some decent mechanics for weapons and grenades. The physics are wonderful and everything works great, I would just like to be able to create another grenade, but this one will only differ from the original in the sense it will stick to other rigid body objects or other objects with rigid bodies that also have a certain script attached. I understand learning this myself would be best, but I'm just toying around with some things and would really appreciate it if someone could write this or 2 scripts for me as simply as possible. Either one that sticks the object to any rigid body it collides with, or one as I said, that sticks to other objects that also have a certain script attached to them. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hey, mind if I take this and add to it and re-release is with full credit to you? I would like to add more for pro users as far as shaders and image effects
  5. Then I do sincerely apologize for the way I came off, I was a bit tired. For using tree creator, this isn't too bad, I do still want to stand with the suggestion of adding more, things are a bit bland. Actually, to further some productive conversation, of course, only if you are interested, add me on Skype: XziiLeD
  6. Why are you saying everything here is made by you? The trees and bushes look exactly like the ones included in environment packs from K4. I know these assets very well as I have purchased nearly all of his environment packs....No need to go saying you did everything. The only thing I'm seeing here is nature packs mixed with mechanics from the community... These visuals are hardly impressive and the terrain is lacking a lot....I mean, I understand that it's a mobile game and all, but still. Just seems like another game with assets purchased or downloaded from cgpersia, and community based mechanics...
  7. ImNexus


    Not trying to be rude, but taking 2 asset packages, keeping the autumn windmill and rocks at the bottom in the same arrangement as one of the example scenes in the package, and then getting the zombie town and dropping some trees in there isn't too impressive...I don't really see too much work done on the visuals by YOU. I'm really not trying to come off as rude, just my opinion...
  8. He doesn't make things himself, he doesn't know how. The last time Josh and I talked, he was asking me how to lock the cursor in Java. There is no way that in 3 weeks, he has learned Java enough to write all of these things himself. He is a thief.
  9. So you're going to go around stealing scripts and clamming you wrote them, just the like the head bob script you supposedly wrote for me which I then found on the unity answers forums....Or how about houses you clammed to re-texture then upon my looking around, I find the exact same models with all the same textures for free. How about telling people the truth Josh. You don't even know java or C#. At all. I've asked you for help with some of the easiest scripts and you can't even begin to help until you dig around on Google for a few minutes. If you're not an actual developer, and don't even understand the engine properly, how are you going to release an FPS kit and try to make money off of it when you're just combining things you find into one project. Do some work yourself for once instead of hopping on teams and trying to get money from people. You started loads of shit on my YouTube channel a while back then begged Majestic and I to let you on the team and said the only reason you made up all of the lies was because you were jealous and then openly admitted you can barely use Unity. You're a fraud, a thief, and a liar. You don't even deserve to be on a forum full of hard workers and dedicated developers. Please don't buy this kit anyone.
  10. Yeah, I don't intend on taking credit for these shaders at all, I made a few from scratch, along with a couple of image effects and particle systems, but most of the things in this game are gathered from the asset store and other websites. The game will be non-profit/free, so I just want to give people a fun game to play with a movie-like horror experience. I will be adding a video shortly! Thanks! Good or bad "wow"?
  11. Thanks man! Here's something else, added some volumetric lighting to cars headlights, streetlights, house etc
  12. Thanks man! I've been working really hard on the environment and setting an exploring/horror mood or feel...more updates will come soon, if you are, or know anyone interested in helping out, that would be great! We need more people so that this can get to a beta stage faster!
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