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  1. jdt99

    weapon editer menu?

    That failed... Naturtoisgreat on YouTube has a tutorial on this, Thanks im going to try that
  2. jdt99

    weapon editer menu?

    hello, i want to put into my game a wepon edito like call of duty. this menu in which you can change accesories, weapons, classe etc. thanks a friend from spain.
  3. jdt99

    fps parkour system?

    hello, im making a fps game and i want it ti have a parkour system on it. The problem is that some parkour system make the weapon disapear while you do the movements. If anyone nows of charactes system that does this i would really apreciate it. If it is to difficult or theres no similar system in internet i would really apreciate too if you could just find the normal system because i cant find it. thanks for the help from a friend from spain.
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