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  1. its a biggener 2d platform starter kit , doesnt have much , i can help u improve it if u want . or i can download and repost a better version of it after updating it .
  2. ok my first problem is , i'v made a bounce cube , so when the player goes on it , it bounce and force the player up , but as u know , it doesnt look like a realistic bounce , it bounces so fast its like fast teleporting , to the Y position . i tried with moveposition , addforce , velocity , but i still didnt get wt i want , here's a pic shows wt exactly i want . so as u see , the black line is were my player goes , teleporting so fast to the Y position , thats not what i want , i want it to move the way that i draw the red line , (kinda like a rocket ball bullet or something like that) here's my bounce script , -------------------------------- and the secend problem is , i have this cube getting forced to move forward , but i want it to move in 2 ways , 1st option is with " each amount of time " for example i have a force speed and its 5 , so after 10 secends it adds 1 or 2 and so on .. the 2nd option is for the amount i travelled on the x position , i have a var for DistanceTravelled setup , for example add 2 to speed after " XXX " amount of traveled thats my Script for the player
  3. kindly a good idea , thanks , i'll work on it and repost wt happenes and if it works great . thanks again . idk if i am allowed to dump my post , but i want some help on the left + right control . thanks
  4. hello , hope to find someone to help me here , i am creating an endless running game . i'v created everything is fine about scripts but i still have 2 problems , 1 ) i'v made an acceleration for my addfoce to force my character to move forward , then i'v made this updates the speed of the acceleration ++ , now it starts normal , but it gets faster and i cant control it . so what i want is for example , if the character made 10 miles , the movement speed get more faster , and for more miles the movement speed get faster and so on . 2 ) i want a smiler controls like " subway surface " for example my char is on " 0 " position so i get only 3 choices to control my character , left is 1 and right is -1 so that way if character press left its 1 so he moves the player to a " specific left side " i can build the game and upload it on web to check wt exactly i wanna do and help me . thank you
  5. hello , i wanna start a new project using the fps kit 1.3.5 , but i am having some problems . i am trying to get this game to run as a multiplayer . and i want to ask a question if i want this game as call of duty games do i have to create 2 player prefebs ? 1 for the (ARMS + Gameplay) and other 3d one for the network view ? or i can just have the same ones (i mean to have the 3d model holding the weapon and just netowork view it) i wanna use the phanton for networking , but i need an idea to do that , in fps multiplayer kit , it has (kinda shows only the model of that character but in ur computer u have only the arms) give me some ideas ,
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