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  1. There are really to problems I have realized. 1. The hip position isn't constant. Although it always says 0,0,0 it doesn't always return to 0,0,0. 2. The guns position relative to the hands is incorrect and I cannot seem to find a way to change this.
  2. Do you mean the hip position? Because that is already at 0,0,0.
  3. I suppose this is a bug I have created somehow... Whenever I add a new gun, it doesn't always return to the same spot. Also sometimes the appear way out in front of or to the side of the hands. But only to the player. In the inspector everything looks normal... Any ideas?
  4. Ahhh the pistol I used as a source ended up assigned to the wrong thing!
  5. It is the weaponsInGame variable. It is specific to that one. But it is set so I don't understand... :/
  6. Hello, I have my weapon manager set to 10, all of the slots filled out and applied, all of the weapon indexes are also correct. So why does it tell me that the variable is not assigned? (Line 42) As far as I can tell it is assigned!
  7. Well, the title pretty much is what this is... I drop the player into my scene (In Edit mode) make the changes to the manager, then delete the player to play the game. Whatever changes have been done don't show up in the player that gets spawned. Why?
  8. Ok this is probably an issue of my noobness to unity. I add the player to the scene, edit the manager, then delete the player. When I hit play and the player spawner spawns the player... The player's weapon manager is not showing up with a gui skin attached. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Alright guys... Well I arguably did the stupidest thing I have yet to do in all my years of coding. I deleted the GUI. I re-imported it! I have it back but cannot figure out where it needs to be assigned so the Bullets: 30/5 will return. You guys know? I went to the GUI Skin and opened it, under label I swapped the font. However, there is no option for color. Where would I find the GUI style?
  10. I cannot seem to find the location in the GUI skin to change the color. Where would I do that?
  11. How would one go about modifying the GUI to do so?

    Color/Font swap

    Hi again, So I am making a game just to play with my friends. It is a game set at night. I need to swap the <<>>, score, health, and ammo to red. (So that is remains visible.) How on earth do I do that? Also, how would I change my Font?
  13. So I am trying to implement new guns in my game. I have followed his tutorials to the letter except... when he says to copy and actuate (?) the pistol. When I do what he did the model does not appear in my game for me to edit... any advice? I know I am new and stupid
  14. Hey guys To be honest with you, I have Java and C++ experience, but when it comes to unity I am new. So I ask forgiveness in advance. I am just trying to figure this out. I am making a very basic zombie game for school/fun. I would like the player to go around and collect Notebooks. (Like the pages in Slender) Once the player has all of them (I am thinking 10 or so) the game should end in victory. How the heck do I integrate something like this into FPS kit? Also, if this isn't to much to ask... How would I edit/change the FPS kit zombie's texture? I can't seem to find the plain prefab to edit. How would I change the font/color of the text in the HUD? -Thank you all. I know these are silly/stupid questions.
  15. No it was entirely my fault. Forgot Rigid body. *Headdeskheaddesk*
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