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  1. Hello guys, long time no see. All you have to do to get this game is to follow these steps. 1. Go to https://www.indiegala.com/store. 2. Scroll Down until you see a SPACE HACK giveaway. 3. Type in your email, click Redeem 4. Do the captcha, click submit. 5. Check your email and you should see an email from indiegala,click it , now click your profile link. 6. Click Bundles Library > indiegala giveaways > select SPACE HACK and click the steam button photo bellow ( http://gyazo.com/e9f0166cb68e008d832455d1393c086f ) 7.Now if u can see ur code go to step 8. 8. Open steam, go to Top-Left corner and you can see some tabs or how do you call them open up Games > Activate a product on steam, then a little window pops up and click continue, then press agree, paste ur code in the "Product Code". 9. And enjoy! IF U CAN HELP ME WITH A LITTLE CODE PLS GO BELLOW. Hey i really need some help i got some code problems, well i made a attack script and hp for enemy so he takes damage, well but it doesnt work ;( IMAGES: HEALTH http://gyazo.com/982b329d934775ab4d4322eeaacd5bcb ATTACK : http://gyazo.com/1e984de0ba94996832a61f0292a64a3b Well thanks if u can help me, i didnt code in a while so im like a i dunno . Bye guys ! have fun with the game
  2. Try doing player health with GUI & Functions
  3. Check here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QKG7k3TUeg
  4. Well im not doing anything atm SO what can you do you ask hmhhh ?? - Model,Rigg(Started),code in java. So if anything add me mrtitas1
  5. Hey guys, SO this is my First rig in blender PHOTOS http://gyazo.com/3a4e56cd9ddb2148c101bbba4a989cc8 | 1 http://gyazo.com/6bd60f56986260613fb92fb82292fe99 | 2 -ileik Colors
  6. The thing is,its only 1 object.
  7. Hey guys so this is my first time texturing!! -Tias
  8. Eskovas Le Pro Im not going to do the whole script...but i have it made for my team.
  9. Well ok tell me those glitches ill fix them. Edit:I found 1 glitch,fixing it now. (1 glitch fixed)
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