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  1. Sorry guys, Im not working on the shader no more. I know you all love the shader but of course I have a life to live and I cannot work on this forever, plus I gotta work on getting a game out.
  2. Something that grabs the viewers attention, but you dont have to buy equipment, right now the camera you should go with that you have would be that cybershot. Phones dont shoot good quality pictures or videos.
  3. You should watch this, - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JklWFUs4EYM&list=UUSpFnDQr88xCZ80N-X7t0nQ - it will help you out Ive actually once used to do filmaking, before i went into game development. Ive done it for a while actually. Now im gonna tell you this. If you have the money. Dont spend it on a super expensive camera. Becuase you can spend the money all you want on a good camera, but the most important part of a camera is the lens. you cant take a sensor and point it at the world, youll get a big blur. So what lenses do is focus that light on the sensor. so if you want the sharpest image, your gonna need a good lens. so right now if you have the money or if you dont. get any camera that has a changable lens, doesnt matter if its pro. and get an expensive lens. The results youll get will be the best the camera can do. the results will be gooddd. But the thing I would do before all of this is music, you want something that speaks freedom, or nature. Something that makes you happy. If you are asking me for a song. I highly reccomend you check out "Tim Myers - Hills to Climb" So i like to chose the song first, because then i have something to build on top of. I can think about the shots i want to do and I know how I want my video to be like. So the first thing I would like to do for the first scene. do something that grabs the views attention. For example. Mabye you could do a top-down view of the nature or the building or something. Something that can grab the views attention and let them say, WOAH! The next is camera movements, now I like the first scene of the video. but to be honest I think it will look much better if it were more vibrant, had more colors. But the next scene of the ant is a bit meh. to shaky. If you want to do something like that, you should be as smooooth as possible. sort of like a dolly. Now i know im going a bit off here but do a shot of somthing that is pleasing to the eye. something that you really like looking at in nature. If you have the smoothest shots, youll have the best looking shots you get. Because you can have an awsome scene, but horrible camera movements vs. a horrible scene but with awsome camera movement. and trust me, camera movement is important. Now what I would like to do is step it down. In the first scene you want something that grabs the viewers attention. So why not do a shot that will make the person go WOW. then I would like to get to the less pleasing shots as you go, but then you want to step it up a notch in the middle of the video. and then you want to get more and more awsome shots. Now i know this isint a good thing but its something that think will be good. But anyways im a bit lazy and I cant explain everything you should do, its more of my idea and you dont have to follow it. But remeber this, think simple.
  4. Since when are these people ever going to learn????
  5. that depends, unless if your asking for a PC build under 800$ or a Pre-Built Pc under 800$ buying pre-built pc's arrent as good but there are some advantages. 1. its already assembled for you 2. you have a warranty on the entire PC, not on individual parts. 3. doesn't take long for setting it up. However, the lower the price the badder the PC. this is where Pc building comes in play. 1. its a hell of a lot cheaper, you save a lot of money 2. takes a lot of time 3. everything is modular, so just plop the components in the right place. there are some components and steps that may not be modular, 4. you have a warranty on each part.
  6. Comon guys he's just asking where he can buy unity3d maps, he knows he needs to learn how. Anyways there are plenty of maps you can buy at a place called the unity asset store, if you want to know how to access it. Go to the windows tab on unity and click asset store and go to the 3d models section, and there a bunch of environments you can buy.
  7. Man he needs to relax, its just a dam forum. Since when are people like him ever going to calm down? He got banned and now he made an entire copy of amredunity?? the heck is going on? Comon we are all game Developers/Designers, just calm down and like YoungDevloper said, drink tea and code games.
  8. Nice work, looks very nice and also "Simple". and also "berydev" you need to have some respect, just because if you don't like the look of the game doesn't mean you have to talk crap about his game, you need to respect everyones art style for there game. Even if you are specialized in the field of Graphic Design I'm pretty sure a real graphic designer will never act like that. Anyways I like it, looks very addicting. and its a good start, yet there are very few people in this forum that have finished an actual project (no offense to anyone who hasn't). but looks like you are now with the few people in here who can now show them selves and other people around them that they can make something and finish it!
  9. lol niceee. you did boi 1+ for joey. sorry nightbird
  10. I don't have maya anymore so unity can't recognize those files I have in my hard drive, but I have like hundreds of models in my hard drive that I did a long time ago. I can't view the files again without installing the program but there is a thread I created that shows some of my models - http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/realistic-firearms.185635/ - those were created back when I was 10 and was working on an FPS shooter, it turned out pretty good but at one point idk why but I stopped the project. EDIT: I actually have the program installed, so i guess its showcase time. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pczpsug1kzv47ha/Screenshot%202014-07-24%2010.29.55.png - a colt 1911 I made when I was around 11 - 10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggzjnacpel468tn/Screenshot%202014-07-24%2010.31.32.png - made around the same time as the colt.
  11. Those are just specs comparisons, they ardent really benchmarks, go to LinusTechTips or "The Tek" and have a look at there reviews on each card. To see how well each card will run, you need real games. Have a look at there reviews, yes the 760 maybe be a little more powerful then the 660, but the 660 is your best bet for the price. even willywill has that card. so you can run his shader glory without big performance drops.
  12. and also when shopping for graphics card and CPU, don't look at the specs and say "oh this is better than that" nooo. specs don't nessasaly mean its gonna be better, if you want to see how it performs and how good it is. Look at the reviews of the card especially the benchmarks.
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