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  1. I dont want it too load a new scene every time, i have a big map, i just want it split up into smaller sections to reduce lag
  2. Hey everyone, im trying to make get my terrain to only load say a hectare around my player, and the rest load itself when i walk near it, but then have the rest disappear again. This is just too dull the lag, anyone know how to do this?
  3. VSauce


    Can someone make these two scopes transparent? Thanks. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2727/451 ... ac49_o.png http://i52.tinypic.com/1jkpyf.jpg
  4. VSauce

    MMO KIT??

    Hey guys, i've been searching for an mmorpg starter kit for awhile now, im trying to make a game either like skyrim/runescape. Does anyone know of any kits? Thanks.
  5. What do you do? : Texture/UV Mapping Do you require pay? : Depends on job, odds on no. Can you show us your prior work? : Yes, Pm me Age(Optional) : 15 Contact Details : Message me on forums Available For Hire: Yes
  6. I've created Rsps's before, but i want to make something different, my own game. I just want it to be similar to runescape as back in 2005-2007 it was a very simple game, and therefore easier to make. (optimist view). If you could make that script i would be very thankful!
  7. Ok thanks for answer, also could i do this? Is there a way i could take the files from a RSPS source and put them into unity and build from there?
  8. This isnt exactly what im looking for but i guess it's the best there so thankyou for your help. Also isnt C# alot harder the js? EDIT: Is there a way i could take the files from a RSPS source and put them into unity and build from there?
  9. That's fantastic to hear! BUT where to start? I've only used eclipse before, im am new to unity. Are there any tutorials similar to what im aiming for? All i can find are tutorials on how to make WOW like games.
  10. Is a game like Runescape possible in Unity? Not how it is today. But how it was back in 2007 This may seem like an off question, but when i was a younger this game changed my life. It set me on an adventure, i want to try and not re-create, but mimic it so that the next generation can hopefully have fun and learn from a game. Anyway would unity be a good way to do this?
  11. VSauce


    CutScenes make the game, they give you the storyline, they bring it to life! So my question is, in Unity can you make Cutscenes? If so how? Is it an animation or Can you insert a Video Clip? Thanks!
  12. VSauce


    Ha, alright then, I'm 15, from Australia, love to surf and am just starting to get into Unity and Game Developing. Also my brothers another member of this forum. (Secret). Hope i can get to meet you all!
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