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  1. I've never actually modeled a map in blender anyone has a HQ tutorial?
  2. Dear fellow members, I am here with a question. So I'm making this indie horror game that takes place in a spooky mansion. My question is, how do I model this mansion? Are the plugins for unity to do so or would I have to make it in Blender? Kind Regards, Xangu.
  3. That is a bit to long IMO. But my latest ex also lived 2 hours away from me. Which is long in The Netherlands XD Kind Regards, Xangu.
  4. Xangu

    Yay I got my book <3

    The author is Dirk Louis. Its a dutch book so u probably wont know him. Kind Regards, xangu.
  5. Dear armedunity, Yesterday I bought a C# handbook. And I got it delivered today!! So lets get started. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  6. That is really nice, but I kinda mean like: When u chop a tree a piece of wood and twigs will drop on the floor. Then when u press E on that it will add into a inventory system.
  7. Dear ArmedUnity, I have a question. For a survival game how would I code a resource gathering system, in C#. Like chopping wood, mining stones. All help is welcome! Kind Regards, Xangu.
  8. I don't really get whats funny about this. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  9. Same what this person above me says. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  10. If I had money I would definitely donate. Unfortunately I don't. I hope someone else will donate as it looks like a nice project. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  11. That is indeed true that most of this forum is based on FPS. And it's also a nice idea to host a competition sometime. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  12. Welcome and enjoy your stay here at ArmedUnity. If you got any questions feel free to ask. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  13. It can be an hour per 2 days or even less. That doesn't matter aslong as I have someone to help me get started. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  14. Welcome and enjoy your stay.
  15. First I would suggest introducing yourself on the forums, so the people can get to know more about you. This would be to check how interested you are in this business etc. GoodLuck finding your team! Kind Regards, Xangu.
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