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  1. Hallo guys I am going to make a extension to the scripting in Unity, for example in C#, if you want to change only the x position you would need to do this: transform.position = new Vector3(5,transform.position.y,transform.position.z); But with my extension you would only need to do the following: transform.SetX(5); So what I would like you to do is to write what functions you would like to have in Unity? It can be anything you think of, nothing is too small or too big.
  2. Hello. Im trying to generate mindcraft-like terrrain, and to save and help the performence im combaining the meshes into one mesh. But - the problem is that it generates a new material for every single cube. For every single cube it adds a new material even though that the material has already been added to the new mesh. So the question is - is there a way to combine the materials. Here is my script:
  3. If you click on the buttons nothing will happen
  4. I've just put something together, but it should be enough for you to get started Download link http://www.mediafire.com/?e2h8rsv8no4co22 Webplayer http://www.lemodev.com/3dmenu/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html
  5. it is easily done I live in Denmark so for me it is midnight so I need to get some sleep But I will make you a script as soon as I get home from work tomorrow.
  6. LeviMoore

    Doc Search

    Doc Search gives you the ability to quickly search through the documention from Unity. If you are a windows user, you can also search through local documentation, without being connected to the internet. Doc Search will save you recent searched, so you can easily acces them again. If you have any questions, fell free to contact me on info@lemodev.com Asset Store
  7. Hi I'm trying to make a search function that search in the documentation and it works fine for online search, but when i search the local files it won't work. The long and the short of it is that i have a html resource that the user can search in through my code. If they search for 'horce' my code will generate an url looking something like this: http://mywebsite.com/search.html?q=horce and it works. But if there is no internet connection they can search in a local version of the files on their maschine so the url will look something like: file:///my/path/to/local/file/search.html?q=horse But when i try to load the url to the local path it load the page with the url: file:///my/path/to/local/file/search.html It has simply ignored everything from the '?' and to the end. If I past the full path in to my browser it works fine. The relevant part of my code looks like this: if(local) { string pathPrefix; if(Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.WindowsEditor) { pathPrefix = "file:///"; } else { pathPrefix = "file://"; } searchPath = pathPrefix + EditorApplication.applicationContentsPath + localScriptDocURL; string[] pathPieces = searchPath.Split(' '); searchPath = String.Join("%20", pathPieces); } else { searchPath = webScriptDocURL; } Application.OpenURL(searchPath + WWW.EscapeURL(_text)); The variable _text i the word the user will be searching for, and the variables localScriptDocURL and webScriptDocURL is the path to the local version and the internet version respectively.
  8. Hi guys. I am making a fan game to the Yogscast http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueXephos I am a programmer, so that part of the game is no problem. But on the grapichal side I am as talented as a two-year old So I need help to the graphical part. It is a 2D side scroller. Right now I have got the characters, but I need textures for: ground ladders a jaffa cake background and what ever you can come up with. Thanks
  9. I am going to use it in a saving system I am making, so I can't use your method, because I don't always know the valuables
  10. Hi fellow geeks I want to read all the info/values of all components on a game object but I can't seem to get around to how it is done. Can anybody give me an hint/example of how it is done. -- Mr. Geek
  11. Could you specify a little more what the problem is?
  12. I was wondering if I am allowed to use FPS kit 1.1 models in my own product, or if there is some sort of copyright on them?
  13. LeviMoore


    Hey folks. I have just finished a saving system and I am selling it on the Unity Asset Store. It will cost 15$ http://u3d.as/content/lemo-dev/quick-save/2H1 With QuickSave you can easily save and load different kinds of data in your game, without having to use long and complicated lines of code. All you need to do is write one short line of code, for example Save.SaveVector3(“PlayerPosition”,transform,true); Load.LoadVector3(“PlayerPosition”); To save and load we are using Unity’s own buildin PlayerPrefs to make sure that we get the best performance possible and to make sure we cover as many platforms as possible. QuickSave works on PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Web Player. QuickSave supports over 40 data types It could be really nice if you would give some feedback, especially if you decide to buy it. If you have any ideas to future projects, please let me know. If I use your idea, you will of course get e free copy of the product If you have any questions you don't want to post in the forum, you are welcome to contact me on info@lemodev.com
  14. Hallo. I am working on a product to the Unity asset store, where I take large amounts of strings and save it with PlayerPrefs. But unfortunately I don't have a Mac or an iOS device, so I can't test it on those platforms. I have tried to find some information elsewhere, but I am still not 100% sure. So my question is, does the PlayerPrefs work on all platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, webplayer) Thanks a lot for your responses.
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