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  1. Is it actually in the project on how to do so and mind sending me the standalone script?
  2. I honestly need some help because every Script I have found online is Javascript and my game is C# so I was wondering does anyone possibly have a script for this or something I had a go myself but it didn't work thank you to anyone who can resolve this!
  3. So, Hi my names Thomas I've been developing games for a little while now and especially this one game I've had named "Jump" It's a character based game In the feels as it's like Little Big Planet Feel to the character control and movements but it has a story like Portal & Parable Stanley but I've came to this website to ask for a little favor of voice narration for my game to see if anyone is actually up for the task but apart from that I've been hoping to join a Developer Community for a while now to get some help on games and recommendations for my game on what to add and such so let's get straight into it see you all on the forums!
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