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  1. actually i want just add personnel character can u help me
  2. WeaponScriptNEW it have problem in line 6
  3. I have a question how to add a personality movements? "( such as walk, jumping and walk backward? )" I have personality and movements but.. if i try play {camera moving with his personality, like in his pictures} i want camera move only on the head like games FPS
  4. Hey now i try to open project https://armedunity.com/files/file/211-au-fps-kit/ i use: Unity 2017.3.1f1 (64-bit) but i can't find anything i need solved Picture:
  5. Hey Guys Welcome To My Topic So.. Yeah I Want To Make First Game FPS and i found that video i like very much project but i need link download ( srry bad language.. )
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