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  1. Vehicle Physics Free Project.

    I have this Physics with AI using waypoint & raycasts to overtake. Haven't decided what to do with it.
  2. Vehicle Physics Free Project.

    Remove the "Camera" Script references & add a camera that enables when enter, You can add a spring joint & fiddle with values to make it "bouncy" like a neck & make it enable / disable that instead.
  3. Vehicle Physics Free Project.

    Your Welcome. There Edy's, Just implemented. Thanks to him! Great, Thanks for the feedback, Glad to help Cheers for clearing that up
  4. Vehicle Physics Free Project.

    This was made with unity 4.3.4 so if your using higher Unity with errors, That's the reason, The Project works fine on 4.3.4. Later if i have time i will update & add more features.
  5. Vehicle Physics Free Project.

    Issue is the smoke texture, Reassign the smoke texture to the smoke material. Walk up to the left side & Press E
  6. My Second Character Model

    Looks beast
  7. Weapon Concept

    Beanster Looks good buddy!
  8. Blur when aiming!?

    var myBlur : MotionBlurScriptName; if(aiming) { myBlur.enabled = true; } else { myBlur.enabled = false; } should work
  9. My First Game (Android)

    Level editor is a great edition, Not many games do it & I love the fact the create what you want, Change gravity, Change it up. That's awesome.. Really good to see : ) Keep up the good work!
  10. My First Game (Android)

    That looks pretty badass, Great job. Level Editor As well... Wow.. That's pretty awesome,
  11. request boat script

    I have actual Boat Driving Physics like GTA with enter & Exit.. if you wait about a week im releasing a mega pack of physics for the whole community that should help alot of people.
  12. Vehicle Physics Free Project.

    Excuse me? Please explain if your having a issue.
  13. This was incredible.. Made me think a lot thanks for sharing the video..
  14. Multiplayer Horror Game

    IMO I hate it. I think it looks terrible.. But thats me. Honest truth