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  1. Gaze


    A 32-bit float will be a 32-bit float no matter the value, and Mathf.PI is just a constant so no worries about performance.
  2. Gaze

    WebGL bug

    So the problem is data is saved when you refresh the page even if no progression was made? Are you sure you're not auto saving stuff when exiting the game?
  3. Sadly not. But I wish people would just google for like at least 1 minute longer before whining on some forum or help desk.
  4. you know, if you download the latest beta build you get a really clear and new interface which is way more user friendly
  5. Yup, Kodi is amazing if you combine it with addons like Exodus
  6. no, the convex checkbox allows you to use the collider for a rigidbody by grabbing all of the most outer vertexes and creating a custom collider shape; what you see when you check it. If you uncheck it and disable the meshrender you will see it's the correct mesh shape.
  7. You marked the "Convex" checkbox. Un-check it and it should be fine.
  8. Sup guys. I've been inactive on AU for a while, but I never stopped creating stuff and further developing my skill set. I'm now in my second year studying Game Development in the Netherlands, and this is a "little" project I have been working on in the holidays. I'm a huge blade runner fan and I especially love the atmosphere they create in the movie. I'm trying to take some of that atmosphere and dump it in unity. Update 3 video: Volumetric Lightning test after update 3: As you can see a lot still needs to be done but I'm pretty proud of the results so far. I will probably never ever completely finish it but at least I'm learning a ton about all sorts of stuff in the progress. Feedback is always appreciated
  9. Sounds great ocular, good luck!
  10. Gaze


    Welcome buddy, hope you'll learn as much as I did here
  11. What part of "prop" did you not understand
  12. If you use the Unity 5 UI you can just use the Unityevent in the component. (ripped this image of google images) https://i.ytimg.com/vi/3NBYqPAA5Es/maxresdefault.jpg
  13. Yup, those standard assets are in a different namespace so you have to reference them the whole time you want to use anything from it, or you can put the "using" at the top.
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