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  1. Cheers mr optimization junkie good to be back
  2. So i have been gone for a fairly long time and OMA, Cash and YoungDeveloper have been the only ones i have stayed in contact with over this absence. Pretty much hit a roadblock in my life that forced me to re-evaluate where i was headed in life. Young Developer offered me an opportunity to change this yet i had already accepted a position literally days before! What i am basically trying to say is hello to everyone who is new and any of the old gang who are still about, Ill be about more often as my new job involves a lot of real world experience which i intend to share with everyone here to hopefully help whoever is serious about becoming a software/games developer. I am working 5 days a week Monday to Friday at a grand total of 40 hours a week so wont be as active as i would like, however if you guys would like some indepth and direct content in the form of tutorials or guidance then please let me know. I am not working on any personal projects right now as i lost a lot of my old data when i relocated. Suggestions would be nice to have an if you want to contact me directly you can email me on my public mail: grim160490@googlemail.com. Be seeing you all about
  3. He might just simple mean to create whats in the image in 3D. Which is actually pretty simple
  4. How long did it take you to do what you said? if less than an hour then you have nothing... thats already been done im sorry
  5. The reason behind that error. Null means nothing so you dont have a navmesh agent on the same gameobject as this script. thats what i get from this you need to go into the Inspector and below where you have this script click add component and nave mesh agent
  6. I dont want to sound rude but why are you attempting this if you dont understand why its happening? You need a check to see if the player is the local player or not im sure the online package has examples look in the start methods for answers
  7. You need to do this in every script that belong to the player (On playing currently) or all of your scripts run on other peoples computers void Start() { if(photonVeiw.isMine) { // RUN CODE } else { // TURN OF THIS SCRIPT IF IT ISNT enabled = false; } }
  8. grim1690

    Should I?

    Most likely a game banana member trying to score some easy $$ by ripping 99% of other peoples hard work, I myself have most of these models and textures ( As place holders). But you do get people like this who exploit the system. Dont worry guys Cyber Detective mars is on the case
  9. Well YoungDveveloper nice going brush set looks awesome wish id have entered lol
  10. SORRY I KNOW THIS IS OLD BUT IT NEEDED FIXING I know its a small script but having those float reused and those other in scope variables would make this so much better practice. I verified and fixed the C# Version for use in unity 4.6+ I know its over a year but since i needed somthing similar id post my base version before i added lots to it. #region NAMESPACES using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; #endregion /* * Fixed and Tested by ( Grim1690 ) * * Defaults are really smooth a fluid adjust if needed * * Added some tool tips to help in the Inspector and fully commented the code * Fully tested and working * * Added example property accessor for external modification * Script reference required for that * * WeaponSway _sway = new WeaponSway(); * * then we can use our Proprty * * _sway.tiltAngle = 45f; * * as long as we set this script as sway in inspector * */ #region WeaponSway Class public class WeaponSway : MonoBehaviour { // PRIVATE BUT EDITABLE IN THE INSPECTOR // IF YOU WANT TO EDIT THESE EXTERNALLY THE USE PROPERTY ACCESSOR [SerializeField] [Range(0.1f, 5f)] [Tooltip("Tilt angle smoothing")] private float _smoothGun = 2f; [SerializeField] [Range(0.1f, 90f)] [Tooltip("Strafing tilt angle")] private float _tiltAngle = 4.25f; [SerializeField] [Range(0.01f, 0.1f)] [Tooltip("Minimum amount of movement")] private float _amount = 0.025f; [SerializeField] [Range(0.01f, 0.1f)] [Tooltip("Minimum amount of movement")] private float _maxAmount = 0.075f; [SerializeField] [Range(0.1f, 5f)] [Tooltip("Directional sway smoothing")] private float _smooth = 2.75f; [SerializeField] [Range(0.1f, 5f)] [Tooltip("Rotational sway smoothing")] private float _smoothRotation = 1.5f; // EXAMPLE PROPERTY ACCESSOR public float tiltAngle { get // USE THIS TO READ THE VALUE - CAN BE REMOVED { return _tiltAngle; } set // USE THIS TO ASSIGN A VALUE - CAN BE REMOVED TO // MAKE READ ONLY WITH GET STILL ABOVE { _tiltAngle = value; } } // PRIVATE SCRIPT ONLY VARIABLES private float _factorX; private float _factorY; private float _tiltGun; private float _tiltZ; private float _tiltX; private Quaternion _target; private Quaternion _target2; private Vector3 _finalPos; private Vector3 _startingPos; void Start() { // ON START WE NEED TO STORE OUR CURRENT LOCAL POSITION _startingPos = transform.localPosition; } void Update() { // DONT NEED TO RETRIVE THIS VALUE UNLESS WE ARE MOVING IN THAT DIRECTION if (Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") > 0 || Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") < 0) { // GET OUR INPUT VALUE AND STORE IT _tiltGun = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * _tiltAngle; // SAVE IT AS A ROTATIONAL VALUE _target2 = Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, _tiltGun); // THEN APPLY IT USING SLERP, LOWER THE SMOOTHING THE FASTER THE TRANSISTION WILL BE transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, // STARTING ROTATION _target2, // TARGET ROTATION Time.deltaTime * _smoothGun); // TIME TO GET THERE } // GET OUR AXIS FOR POSITION _factorX = -Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse X") * _amount; _factorY = -Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse Y") * _amount; // GET OUR AXIS AGAIN FOR ROTATION _tiltZ = Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * _tiltAngle; _tiltX = Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * _tiltAngle; // CLAMP THEM BY A CERTIAN RANGE TO PREVENT GLITCHING - BOTH AXIS Clamp(_factorX, -_maxAmount, _maxAmount); Clamp(_factorY, -_maxAmount, _maxAmount); // TO GET OUR FINAL SWAY POSITION LERP BETWEEN OUR STARTING AND THE AMOUNT OF NEW MOVEMENT WE DID _finalPos = new Vector3(_startingPos.x + _factorX, // ADD OUT X MOVEMENT TO OUR X AXIS _startingPos.y + _factorY, // ADD OUR Y MOVEMENT TO OUR Y AXIS _startingPos.z); // THIS IS 0 UNLESS ITS MODIFIED ELSEWHERE // LERP BETWEEN STARTING POSITION AND FINAL POSITION BY OUR SMOOTHING OVER TIME transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(transform.localPosition, // WHERE WE STARTED _finalPos, // WHERE WE WANT TO GO Time.deltaTime * _smooth); // BY HOW FAST // STORE OUR TARGET IN A VARIABLE _target = Quaternion.Euler(_tiltX, // AMOUNT OF X ROTATION 0, // AMOUNT OF Y ROTATION _tiltZ); // AMOUNT OF Z ROTATION // THEN FINALLY APPLY OUR ROTATION transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, // STARTING ROATAION _target, // WHERE WE WANT TO GO Time.deltaTime * _smoothRotation); // HOW LONG TO GET THERE } /// <summary> /// STATIC METHOD CAN BE CALLED FROM ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THIS SCRIPT BY USING /// WeaponSway.Clamp(amount, min, max); /// </summary> /// <param name="amount">Value you want to restrct</param> /// <param name="min">Minimum value</param> /// <param name="max">Maximum Value</param> /// <returns></returns> public static float Clamp(float amount, float min, float max) { // BIND INPUT AMOUNT TO RANGE BETWEEN MIN AND MAX return Mathf.Clamp(amount, min, max); } } #endregion
  11. Good over all shape but you have a lot of useless loops in there. For example you can remove some loop s from the grip as long as its a flat quad or tri its fine and the barrel could be lowered a lot to
  12. Not much of a showcase. All your showing is your Editor Window... no functionality or what you plan to do with it.. for now its a pretty window that probably does nothing. How are you using databases? asset file or playerprefs or a custom file type
  13. First its better o get things working and then worry about optimization fellow junky. If you guys need any help or have questions feel free to ask.
  14. grim1690


    Stonner Mutants FTW!
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