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  1. Disclaimer: Our company does have a working relationship with AWS but this post is not paid for/sponsored by or otherwise interfered with by Amazon. An alternative to WhyHerro's response is to use Amazon S3 for static web hosting (its free tier eligible too) and buy a $0.99 domain from 1&1 IONOS for the year, switch out the name servers with a route 53 hosting zone (or transfer to route53 directly for $12) and boom, you have a highly scalable, cloud based website with your own domain for $1. Amazon also comes with out of the box products like email, health checks, DNS services and reverse proxies all included in their free tier (which other providers simply dont offer or charge a small fortune for... I've actually seen a registrar charge $15 per email account, do they know no shame!?) Amazon is also a good choice as if you ever need object storage for a multiplayer game you are working on or other side projects, you have experience with S3 or if you get into web development or need a CMS like wordpress, you can fire up an EB application and keep all your web stuff under one roof. There is no denying github pages is awesome and their integration with Namecheap specifically is spectacular but you are tied to their limits and Amazon offers a better platform for expansion.
  2. Hey guys (and gals) We are the Games team from the startup social network - JMBLS. We are based in London, UK and Los Angeles, USA. We are a team of thirty nine (with just three dedicated to games) including: Connor - Our lead developer Jack - Lead designer Cory - Resident hipster (we aren't really sure what he actually does) Primarily, this account will be used by Connor (myself - but I like third person) but Jack and Cory may be found here too and will be happy to help out. Thanks for having us and we look forward to digitally meeting you all soon
  3. Hey guys! My name is Connor and I am working at a new social network startup JMBLS, Inc based in London and LA. We are a social network with a focus on 'everything you love, all in one place', we connect the standard social network with music, movies, games and more all connected by the same social profiles (for example, whilst watching a film you love, you can mention a friend in realtime at the exact minute you found funny) As part of this offering, we are looking to launch a 'games' section which is similar to facebooks but with a heavier focus on social integrations. With this comes the development of our unity SDK, currently we have put together: Oauth technology with a C# based client-side plugin for easy integration (your users can 'login with JMBLS) saving you extra development integrating your existing accounts system or creating one in the first place. (think like this button for google Social tools secured by encrypted access keys unique to your developer profile and application ID. These include a share plugin (to integrate into sharing highscores, screenshots or whatever else you can come up with) Ads and Analytical tools: Need an alternative to adsense and adwords? we will obviously pay a much lower CPM but offer an almost identical service NB: We are also working on integrating the social functionality of a game into our cryptocurrency (you earn money for reactions, shares etc on the site) but currently this is not finished, it will be available april/may 2019. We are in the final stages of development and looking to release in the next few weeks but are currently inviting developers and early adopters to help polish and iron out any remaining bugs. We have an extremely broad product base as the end goal is to offer a service to rival Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Spotify by wrapping it in one package delivered by a company you can trust to not sell your data or bombard you with intrusive ads. We are a fairly large startup with our partners including Amazon, Stripe, Orrick and Twilio and members from the biggest tech companies including Microsoft, Nokia and actually Unity itself so you can rest assured your data (and your clients data) will be safe - we use all the latest encryption algorithms and don't give data to anyone who asks *cough* Facebook *cough* . ANYWAY; The main purpose of this post is to offer an alternative to any of you who are currently developing unity based games and would be interested in integrating our services (outlined above). If you are interested or want to know more information please either: Leave a comment below Send me a private message or you can E-mail me at connor@jmbls.com Either way, I'll be floating around this forum for a while as I am actually working on a small mobile game myself so feel free to reach out! Thanks!
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