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  1. Carlos000001

    texture size

    You need to scale the UV map of the second cube, just open the uv map editor and apply a scale of 0.5
  2. In first place you could tell us a idea of what you want to achieve, something like a puzzle game?
  3. Also, 5 materials for only one object like that is really unoptimized, you should bake them into just one
  4. the fuck? ok just somebody delete this thread and ban this guy
  5. Is that the fps kit 3.0 from nsdevstore?
  6. He was the one that showed us a model from mixamo claiming it was made by him, and then he got angry when we told him that we know it was a lie.
  7. Carlos000001

    Nzn FPS Kit

    From the video, it seems to be the UFPS kit made by VisionPunk , even when it says it's your kit
  8. Ok, but now tell us a reason to work in this project.
  9. That's what happen with ripped models
  10. Do you even know what's bake normals?
  11. That's like ask "Hey I lost the contact with an old friend, but I still keep a copy of his car key, can I go and take his car?"
  12. Ok, if the project isn't a game, does not have any pay and there is not any more info or screenshots, then, what could be a reason to work in this project?
  13. Make two or more arms models, make the prefabs of the models, use one, then change the prefab by script, there you go.
  14. Carlos000001

    Proyectos en 2d

    Primero empieza por aprender ingles, que es el idioma que se usa aquí y demás foros.
  15. Are both of you uploading part of a private paid content in a public forum?
  16. It looks like a simple collider script, but, when you close and open the game again, does it load the unlocked levels?
  17. Carlos000001

    [PT] Map

    To be honest, I don't believe this gonna be on the assets store
  18. What are the reasons to work in this project? anybody could use their time to work on their own projects, give us some motivation to consider work in this project.
  19. Well you first need a animation software like blender, import your model to the program, then proceed the rigging process, after that, proceed the animation process, then export the final product to Unity3d in FBX. format.
  20. You should put those first in the recycle bin
  21. Don't use unnecessary 4k textures like others "3d artists"
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