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    Working on interesting gameprojects: Personal/private, just for friends, or commercial projects.


    never mind.

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Here are a few things you need to know about me (before you start talking to me or when you're new on this forum) :

- Keep it nice, no unnecessary swearing

- If necessary, you are always welcome to write a little bit about yourself before you start asking any questions.

- Do not insult me when you don't even know me very well.

- No random invites that are related to pirating-related subjects or a "How do I download this thing"-situation.


Because of my religion I am not able to use all the words that may exist nowadays:

A few examples:

- (not allowed) N-word

- (not allowed) B*tch

- (not allowed) God

- (not allowed) B*llsh*t

- F-word (instead of this I can only say "yuck", most of the time I write "y*ck")

- No insulting sentences that include the word "autistic" or accused for having autism, for no actual meaning


LMAO (instead of this I say "le mao", mostly being said by me and themars2011 like this way)





Some other information about me:

- I cannot speak German, I think that's obvious.


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