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  1. Blockfighter298

    A dog?

    Yeah, I saw it on Twitter. I'm late I know, now we need a cat
  2. Ps: You can't change it and why should you
  3. Head to the tracks, problem solved @giltine528 good point actually And above all I wish you the best of luck TRCGamez!
  4. Aside from the Racing Game, it is best to build something that you enjoy in the progress. I've also experienced stepping into the crater but when you go out and get an idea like "Yeah let's make a fun FPS where you mindlessly destroy enemies" then it's a good start. Something to keep in mind is that practice and doing fun stuff can bring you a long way. Sure it doesn't have to be the best from the start. That's the meaning behind development lol. Creating things spontaneously like your "speedbuild" can cause people to like your work. Sometimes even unexpected. I think you need a short break and think it over like "Hm, what would be cool to create". It helped me before and I'm pretty sure you can do it too!
  5. If he really reinstalled Windows oh boy
  6. Blockfighter298


    Oh wait a second I know this game engine. It's from the creators of "FPS Creator", an easy to use First Person Shooter game creator. One time a friend of mine suggested to use this but I don't see the point of it when the possibilities of Unity3D are endless, graphical and gameplay wise. So basically this might be a fun tool to use if you quickly want to create some sorta multiplayer FPS to play with your friends. I haven't tested it myself but I know there's multiplayer functionality. Not sure if you're going to like the dynamics, just keep in mind a sort of game engine for the younger ones.
  7. Nice! Probably the equivalent of modelling a wheel instead of a car for a car modeller. I see now
  8. Hammer time! Stupid old joke, but anyways why do you keep making 3D tools if I may ask? I know you sell them and it's good for practice but just curious if you are a bob the builder.
  9. Won't be doing status updates much in honour of my status updates from the past.
    Otherwise they'd disappear and move to the next page so...

    Le mao on! :lol:

  10. [ United States used Free Game. It's super effective! ] [ +1 Someone in Thailand got a free game! +1 ] [ The cake is a lie, but the free game is real for Argentina! ] [It's dangerous to go alone! Take this free game, Armedunity. ]
  11. Really great game, I enjoyed playing on District and that other little map with all sort of corridors Weapons are well balanced and that MP18 got a pew sound, just like the comment I wrote before lol. The map layouts are really good too At the other hand, here are some things I found. First bug appeared after second game. I had to restart the game when the bloom was like ultimate white. I don't know what went wrong but it could be a Unity3D issue. I don't know if it's true but for some reason other characters' eyes rendered black. Small problem: reload duration of secondary pistol is longer than it's animation. And now comes the biggest issue. It happened just before I wanted stop playing after some TDMs. There's one spawnpoint that glitched the player to fall through the map (see attachment). I'm sorry but I cannot exactly tell what spawn was placed "too low". Other stuff: Sniper is a bit slow and two shot-kill but maybe it's okay. My personal record was a 5 spree on that corridor map using the MP18 I hosted a server for like 15 min but nobody joined around here This picture below doesn't show wallhacks but floorhacks
  12. When was the last time you visited the mountains? Oh wait that's DLC only. Hi there!

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