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  1. Hello everyone! I am a solo in my game development world and it sucks a little bit since I am not good with animations or developing 3D models. I am only good with networking and programming So, I REALLY need someone who can add simple character movement animations and simple animations like that for me please! Of course I will be paying you for your service! I am not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for the animations I need. I am a normal person, not a company, so I cannot pay a ton. Contact me via replying. (If you want to do this, leave your skype) Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone! I am using Unity's bult-in networking scripts and functions and etc. I am currently making a Authoritative server for my game using untiy. My current goals for now: Authoritative movement [$10] Authoritative shooting (raycast not prefabs) [$10] Authoritative health values [$10] If you can help me script and learn how to do the above (over skype) I will pay you! How it will all go down: Reply with skype and add eachother. Talk over skype + screenshare to ensure learning of whats going on. Once learned and completely scripted, I will pay you via paypal. (If for any reason you cannot complete everything, I will not pay until everything is complete)
  3. Well I sent you a message awhile ago... Guess you're not answering it. Does anyone want to make this for me?
  4. Hello! I am requesting a map developer for my open world survival game. I am not saying the game I am developing is like "DayZ" its not. However that would be a great comparison of what I need. I require a map like that: a real life open world map. I do not have any models, textures, etc. So if you are capable of making a pretty big, open world map that looks very nice, I will be willing to pay. I will pay via paypal once I see the map over skype. EDIT: (This map is kinda what I want, but of course original and not copying any exact style.)
  5. Haha well thank you for the concern of uniqueness on my game And thank you! I will tamper and play with this and will get back to you guys if I still require help getting it all to work.
  6. Who would have guessed? I am building a zombie fps So, I am having a problem with my zombies not being 100% synchronized (I promise it's a quick-fix; I am very close to working) However, this is EXACTLY what I want: Zombies will be follow you within X distance. They will follow the closest player if they are within this X distance. ^ I want all the above synchronized on every player's screen so the zombie will move + attack + follow only ONE person and the CLOSEST person. If you can do this for me, I will pay via Paypal $10. Thank you for your interest. If you want to do this for me, leave a reply, and post your skype please.
  7. Added. plz add me back:) And you are working on features that will be free? Cuz I will take some free ones also:D
  8. If you are good at unity and can answer all my questions and help me do what I wana do with my project based off the MP fps kit 0.3 then i will pay you around $3 each then i wanted done. Leave ur skype please!
  9. I can't wait for an update! But no, I wouldn't like if he made it photon instead...
  10. Still willing to pay someone $3 via paypal for this.
  11. For sure. I've been coding java and visual basic and pascal. And man.. I've tried really hard to find this out. I havn't played with Unity for over a couple months now so I am not too familiar with Unity but I know the majority of all basic things of unity. I guess I need to pay someone to show me this over team viewer how to do this. Anyone can show me how to change starting weapons over teamviewer for $3 via paypal?
  12. Well I'm currently just trying to change what guns you start with. As you can see in my video I made, I showed what I did and it not working: Video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59782961/pic/unity_help.avi Error:
  13. I've been coding for over 10 years now. Watch the video and tell me why its not working: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59782961/pic/unity_help.avi
  14. I tried adding in the starting items like instead of an AXE to a simple m4 or something but I get errors on "drawing" the weapon? I need specific details on help please
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