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  1. Thanks for the support guys we appreciate it a lot. The floating ragdoll was born as a bug, we posted a video to show the bug and we received a lot of positive feedback on it. Telling us: "This is a feature, you have to keep it" and so we did ahaha
  2. Pylow is our first project and we are delighted to announce that we will publish it by the end of this month Pylow is a Fps arena, where every player can choose his clothes and accessories, the classes and the weapons to use during each game We chose a low poly style, that guaranteed us a unique visual result that those who decided to follow us during our development, loved a lot. One of our most particular features is the animation of each character as soon as it dies, in fact who will be killed will swell very quickly and then fluctuate in the map, until someone else will shoot the mega balloon that will explode making it rain confetti. I hope you enjoy it, we have had very positive feedback and we are also counting on you to know if you are interested in the game or for asking us anything. These are our contacts: FACEBOOK YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM WEBSITE
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