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  1. Thank's allot, yes it really helped me !
  2. Hello, i am working on a 3rd person zombie game (a little like resident evil) and i downloaded the gta perspective and movement files because that's kinda how i want the game to feel, but the problem is i don't know where to put these files, because i don't know where all my other unity files are on my macbook. If someone knows where they are, please let me know, i would really appreciate it. Btw, i'm a beginner in Unity, because i was working on fpsc before, but fpsc i kinda crap and i really don't like it, so i will probably need some other help in the future, for things like hitboxes, guns, scripting help (because i can't script and i don't really have the courage to start with it ): ) and other stuff. Thank's in advance, BxPanda7
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