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  1. New update tomorrow!
  2. Do you think he did? Only 2 days can tell now I guess.
  3. StickGames

    Help please

    Also import the folder with the same name as the exported model, then just click & drag the textures inside unity onto the inspector view for the model.
  4. Same here, other then myself for menus. I'm thinking of taking some time to learn it, because it should be the fastest/most optimized language as I said. and where you will use Boo in future (except in unity)? i hope you know how many programming languages exist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pr ... _languages but only few of them are popular. Better chose one of most common language (like C#). I'm already pretty good at C#, python, assembler, VB 08, and C++.
  5. Same here, other then myself for menus. I'm thinking of taking some time to learn it, because it should be the fastest/most optimized language as I said.
  6. I don't know, how about HALO CLONE: THE BEGINNING haha...Storyline has nothing to do with halo mate, not even any aliens I was making a joke about having a user name saying Master Chief and has a HALO avatar making a futuristic FPS game. In all seriousness, I think THE LIGHT would be good, because futuristic weapons are things like lasers and they are produce light. Don't like lasers? proof: http://www.wickedlasers.com/
  7. I mean, UnityScript was made with boo, so UnityScript doesn't count, but the only time I use Boo is programming main menus and pause menus. I guess it is the fastest and most optimized language (other then unityscript, because UnityScript is made from Boo so they would be the same) because if it wasn't, wouldn't UnityScript be made in C#?
  8. I don't know, how about HALO CLONE: THE BEGINNING
  9. Although you can not downgrade projects, once a project is finished, you can switch over to something older. 2.6 was awesome, and the island demo was better then the Bootcamp because you couldn't grab the player prefab and then put him in your own game then say it's your game. Also the FPS Walker worked better for me then the current first person controller, as you know by my Need Help? post.
  10. Hi all,I have a working multiplayer set up, but I can't figure out how to tell the game to decide what player uses what camera. In the scene view, you can see 2 players looking around (1 using standalone EXE and 1 inside Unity), but both players look out of 1 camera.
  11. The first time it was perfect (Not perfect but didn't have any thing I noticed like clipping thru camera etc.) then you messed it up. My advice: CTRL+Z!
  12. I said the later possible release dates would have better specs but the radeon hd 6990 is perfect to me:)
  13. Here are some specs... RAM: 10 GB (I know, insane.) Solid state drive: 3 TB OS: Windows with a custom shell, dual boot with (x, k, l, whatever you want.)ubuntu and Mac OSX. Maximum compatibility! GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6990 CPU: Same as PS3 (8 core!) Blue ray player (Uses 405nm wavelength laser to read special blue ray disks if you are unfamiliar with where the name is from.) Controller: Virtual reality helmet with HD headphones and mic attached, uses kinect-like sensor for movements. Virtual Reality helmet has a switch to make the game mind controlled, like one of those newer mind controlled prosthetic limbs. Optionally, the system has ports to use PS3 or xBox 360 controllers. Uses vector graphics for VR helmet. ESTIMATED COST IF RELEASED IN NEXT 3 YEARS: $2,999 when released, 3 years later when the VR technology becomes commonplace: $400 or $350. ESTIMATED COST IF RELEASED 5+ YEARS FROM NOW WITH BETTER GRAPHICS CARD: $500 when released, 3 years later $200.
  14. Try to make some working scripts and test what you know like BlackStorm said Also, C# would help more in the long run, but JS is a lot easier
  15. If your PC is overheating, here's some basic things you can do: 1. Modify case to add more vents 2. Install liquid cooling (If you do it right, it works. If you don't, your computer dies) 3. Check if the fan is working That's what I did to my friends PC because he had the same problem.
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