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  1. I mainly stick with textures.com (formerly cgtextures)
  2. TRCGamez

    Unity 2019.1

    I'm still on 2018.2 not looking to update
  3. TRCGamez

    SeX Games

    uuuh dude, is this allowed on here?
  4. Thanks! Of course I don't mind reccomendations. Knowlege not shared remains unknown -Character from a book i read
  5. I just realized I need OBS. The game looks so much worse on Vimeo than in the editor.
  6. Ah yes, a brand new project. For like the 5th time. I bet I could make an awesome game, that is if my ADHD brain could stick with it for 1 month. Nevertheless, I think this project has potential and therefore am continuing to stick with it. It's a third person shooter. Not much else to it. Don't really have an idea for a storyline or anything, but so far I think development is going well. Anyways I captured a little video with Windows 10's built-in game recorder and used Snipping tool for couple pics. So here it is. Hope you like! Video: Screenies: https://imgur.com/gallery/Bujf1o3
  7. TRCGamez


    Yeah I mean cod style. I already tried that thermal asset but there's really no way to see your enemies. I would change enemies mat, but I'm making a multiplayer FPS.
  8. TRCGamez


    This would be a sort of thing that would go in a "just wondering or how to do" forum, but this is the one that suits it the most since we don't have either of those. How would I go about making thermal cameras in my game? I have tried before but I would really like a flir effect. For those of you that play Skillwarz, the UAV thermals or micro uzi scope thermals are good examples. The rest of the world is black, but humans and vehicles are neon white. Thanks!
  9. You noob, this was made in 2013, it's not made for modern unity versions.
  10. Better than the BF5 ads. Looks cool! Think you could tone down the glow just a tiny bit. Do you have a menu yet?
  11. 10ms to 2ms is good. I am on a GTX 1050ti Graphics card and an AMD Ryzen 3 processor, with 12-15 ms and getting 71-60 fps. https://imgur.com/a/numNTXS Ms stands for milliseconds by the way. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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