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  1. It works thanks a lot man very helpfull
  2. InsertSpriteName is my declared name of the sprite??
  3. Hello friends i need help with sprites. Under my Assets folder i have created a folder named Resources and in this folder i have created another one called Faces that contains all my head Sprites. On programmatically i have done this but it seems not working because Unity 3D load 5 white squares. Here my code public void FemaleButtonClick() { Debug.Log("clicked Female Button"); MaleButton.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = SkinMaleButton2; FemaleButton.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = SkinFemaleButton1; male = false; if(male == false) { Debug.Log("carichiamo i caucasici default femmine"); var skin1load = Resources.Load("FemaleHeads/volto_femmina_caucasica1") as Sprite; var skin2load = Resources.Load("FemaleHeads/volto_femmina_caucasica2") as Sprite; var skin3load = Resources.Load("FemaleHeads/volto_femmina_caucasica3") as Sprite; var skin4load = Resources.Load("FemaleHeads/volto_femmina_caucasica4") as Sprite; var skin5load = Resources.Load("FemaleHeads/volto_femmina_caucasica5") as Sprite; headskin1 = skin1load; headskin2 = skin2load; headskin3 = skin3load; headskin4 = skin4load; headskin5 = skin5load; head1.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = headskin1; head2.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = headskin2; head3.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = headskin3; head4.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = headskin4; head5.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = headskin5; } } How can i solve??
  4. hello man, we're creating all of the parts of the game. i'm working to UI and my friend is working on the map. But we need someone that can create object from 0 (like humans, zombie etc) and some buildings. We don't want to use standars assets. We don't want to use Humans or other things find here or in assets store. So we need to find someone working on the models.
  5. Hello guys with my friend we're doing a game here the website https://www.downfallthelostcity.com now we're working hard, my friend is doing the map and i'm doing the initial menu. You can se all on our website. But we are Italian, and in Italy is difficult to find someone that want to share and create something. So we are looking for members that want to take part with us at the project, especially we need someone can do graphics object with textures. If you need more info write to me or a my friend. His name is BlackMamba97. Thanks to all Cheers
  6. now we're working on step... The videos of the game are only demos... Now i'm working with SSL to set up the https and other functions of the website. When i have another update i post here the news. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
  7. hello everybody here the new domain of the website. Something like mailer is in construction. www.downfallthelostcity.com
  8. hello guys today we have bought the new domain. As soon as possibile i post the new website with the new domain.
  9. Hello everybody i'm in a team. I have a bachelor and i'm a programmer in my life. In my company i do applications client-server in Java, and in this project i'll do the server side part with smartfox server and Database side. Other guys are working on the game with unity 3D and create ambientation etc. This is not my work now. The website was maded from a student that wants to collaborate at the project. I think he used a free domain because he doesen't have a domain. We are not croufounding, if someone wants can donate us something . Crowfounding actions starts when project is finished. How many battle royale do you know with zombies and destroyed cities? pubg is not the same, fortnite is another type of game, h1z1 is similar?? Thanks to all for the response
  10. i think the web programmer is waiting for the image of the game, so he has searched an image in google. i think i'll kill him so we need to buy a new domain as soon as possible. so we need crowfounding
  11. Hello guys i'm writing in this forum to show up our game that will be release on 2019. here our website that show all the info. https://downfall-thelostcity.000webhostapp.com/index.html if you like the project you can donate us what you want to help our game devs to buy the development licenses and website domain Thanks for all. Cheers
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