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  1. Parkour Game - Update #3

    Little test file, would love some feedback.. Parkour_Alpha.rar
  2. Using Image effects in code

    Ahh there it is, thankyou very much!
  3. Parkour Game - Update #3

    I know, I sort of named it update #1....i'll make sure every update is worth it, wont be another for awhile But yeah thanks, what do you think of the project?
  4. Parkour Game - Update #3

    Update #3 -Smoothed Controls, more realistic animations
  5. Using Image effects in code

    Thanks guys but no luck...damn haha...mhmm, does anyone know if its possible to make it a variable? Maybe missing one of these? using UnityEngine.????
  6. Using Image effects in code

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make public VignetteAndChromaticAberration fader; as a variable work, but it doesn't come up..anyone know how to do this? In advance, thankyou very much!
  7. Parkour Game - Update #1

    Parkour Game Title, Update #1
  8. Multiplayer FPS - Update #1

    Hey guys, introducing my new multiplayer FPS title. Hope yous enjoy!