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  1. this story line like the walking dead movie ckckckckckkck
  2. i am using unity 4 pro 32bit and jdk 6.9 32bit...
  3. i have download sdk last version r22 this error popup http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/488239/no-platforms-found-android-build.html
  4. hi guys i have problem when i want to build and run Error this is pop up ["No platform found"] Android SDK does not include any platform! Did you run Android SDK setup to install the platform(s)? Minimum platfom requireed to build is Android 4.0 (API level 14)] anybody can help me...
  5. yana

    Abandon County

    i like this building, can you share this building or where did you get that,,,,,??? please i need it help me
  6. i need to try FSM ckckckckck thanks
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