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  1. low poly

    Looks pretty sweet actually. But try to add some reflection probes (Especially indoors) and maybe enable double sided shadows for the map if you can afford that performance wise.
  2. I am currently working on something similar to MFPS but its still in the beginning stages. I expect it to be ready for release in the Asset Store in a few months as it is only a framework with a few example maps and weapons you know. This isn't quite what you're looking for but as you mentioned MFPS I thought I'd give it a try. What's your YouTube channel anyway?
  3. Great guys, I'll message you soon.
  4. I don't think it's possible if you want to assign two different classes to it. Otherwise you could just put it outside
  5. Putting Var.setBool(Condition); inside the brackets would work I guess?
  6. kek
  7. I really don't think there's anything wrong. They aren't physically connected. Why should there be a navmesh if there's no connection?
  8. Welp, actually you stated your opinion.
  9. No, not at all. It's normal that it doesn't fill up completely, that's because of the NavMeshAgent's radius. You can change that in the bake settings if you like, but you will get bad results at runtime.
  10. This isn't a discussion about the best networking solution for Unity, just saying lol
  11. I really don't agree, and what does it add to the topic?
  12. I could use Photon and Bolt, it's up to you really. Can I get some screenshots and more info on what would need a mp port? It would certainly be a lot of work, so not cheap. Maybe we could discuss it in PM.
  13. Dude that is COD MW3 lol. On topic, Networking solution? Time frame? How much would you pay?
  14. Hello everyone, in Bolt you can attach a token when you detach a network from the network, in my game Vengeance I use that to create the ragdolls from the animated model and that works really well. Now I was wondering how I could achieve similar behaviour with Photon (PUN)? Does anyone know a good and efficient way to do that? Thanks in advance
  15. No, that's the same kit. Same networking, same code. Just extended.