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  1. Same here tho, sorry
  2. I understand where you are coming from, but I need to make something to make it come out before all the other kits that are out there. And imo it's better if we have asset flips of high quality than all those asset flips of low to medium quality, or not? Well that doesn't make it any better but generate more sales. Probably.
  3. The reason IW isn't fun is because it's scifi in COD which no one likes / liked when it came out. Older COD titles are still fun. I'm not making a game here, only a generic, solid base to make a game on, so I leave the creative part to the customers, since it's their job anyway, I provide the base for that It will include the basic, generic game modes: DM, TDM, CTF, Domination
  4. Thanks, will do.
  5. Thank you. This is a new concept that I learned like half a year ago and have since implemented it in my own game, which makes it really easy to add new content to it. And it's much nicer & cleaner anyway. For example this is how it looks right now, early state obviously:
  6. As I stated, this is for sale. So I am adding lots of clean features that can be easily exchanged & modified. That's why there need to be a lot of features
  7. Well lol, you actually didn't answer any of my questions xD I dunno how long it will take. I am doing my best with photon but I can't promise that it will be lag free as that depends on a lot of factors.
  8. Hey guys, in order to bring some more funds for my own projects I am creating a multiplayer fps kit using Photon for the Asset Store. However, I need some advice. I want to add a customization system, all nice and easy. But do you think it should be in the menu or rather in game (like in BF / OMA's AU Modern FPS)? What do you think? Also anything special that it should have? It's based on modular prefabs and scriptable objects, so it's easy to extend. It will also include HQ models & animations. About that, I need someone who can model me some HQ first person arms that I can use. I'll pay of course. Regards
  9. Ignore the post above, I found an alternate source for it. Updated the first post.
  10. Well then it's gone.
  11. Damn man you guys made some awesome progress, keep it up!
  12. hii i am having problem using rfpsp asset for unity can u help me


    1. themars2011


      No sorry I can't I'm not familiar with it.

    2. mehtab


      thanks sir do you have any idea how to add enemy in Fps game

  13. In theory, disable colliders, make the rigidbody kinematic and just move it using transform.translate since you don't want collisions anyway.
  14. Yes similar but those are definitely not Minecraft's textures.
  15. Someone should lock these threads or something...