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  1. Hello, everyone! I present to you: Update New Features: Battlechat Leveling Unlocking FPV2 integration
  2. Have you been wanting to buy MMMPFPSK but in the Unity Asset Store? Today the wait is over! Check it out here
  3. uploaded a new build with much less (350mb)
  4. That's really odd, are you on a 32 bit browser? Anyway, build is about 32mb in size and I set the memory to 1024mb, seems like thats too much for some other setups. I'll make one with less.
  5. Do you want to try MMMPFPSK before you buy? Wait no longer, try it out in WebGL now: http://314arts.com/projects/mmmpfpsk/
  6. You will receive all further updates for free. Make sure to check out the newest vids tho
  7. Hello, everyone! I present to you: Post Release Update #2 New Features: Fully animated first person weapons Walk Tilt Fall Down Effect Mecanim controlled run animation Loading Screen Progress Bar Camera Animation Support WebGL Support Get it here: https://sellfy.com/p/QBYx/
  8. You can find the fall damage values in "GenericBootsOnGround" and for the guns you find those in "<Gun Name> Behaviour" in the project, in the "GameInformation" folder.
  9. The next update of MMMPFPSK will contain fully animated weapons. Here is a quick preview:
  10. The potential of sales

    Holy cräp dude! That's awesome.
  11. Fps assault Arms Pack Issue

    Just check "Update when offscreen", that's it.
  12. Hello everyone, I have added a spray pattern mode to my kit and I need some help on how to figure out how to make an easily useable custom editor. It is represented by an array of Vector3's like this: I would want it to be a color coded (like green to red, from bullet 0 to the last one) visual representation of the offset. With points that you can move around to manipulate the offset. Sort of like the animation editor: Any clues on how to achieve such an editor? Like this:
  13. Hello, everyone! I present to you: Post Release Update #1 New Features: Extended Audio Settings Voice Chat (Using Photon Voice) Region that is selected will now be saved Loadout menu in the main menu Sensitivity sliders in the options menu Field of View slider Improved strafing Leaning Gun Game Gamemode Steam Integration (Optional) Get it here: https://sellfy.com/p/QBYx/
  14. Haha well I didn't tell him what to write though It's purely his opinion although I gotta admit we're friends I got my C# knowledge mostly from the Unity scripting reference lol and from this forum and its members

    Photon Thunder is not meant to be used with PUN but with uNet. PUN already has all the features that Photon Thunder offers for uNet.