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  1. If you want to call it "HK" then yes. Most games just use "USP 45" and don't have the HK appear anywhere in the game or on the weapon model itself.
  2. It would be cool if things like the sign or the benches break when you drive them over, other than that looks cool good job
  3. you need to shoot a raycast before using the hit see this page and the example there: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Physics.Raycast.html
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to implement a dog that can only move in certain ways, running forward, walking and turning and strafe left / right if necessary. Obvisouly, I need pathfinding. It mostly follows the player but also needs to do other things, which I can implement later when this is done. Any points in the right direction? Default NavMesh Agent does not fit my needs at all because it slides and that which is not what I want.
  5. Alright, I'll try. Let's hope it doesn't mess up the scale! Happens to me a lot, dunno why
  6. Hey guys, I need some help from a modeller. The Asset Store became really nitpicky and wants me to "FIX" orientation on some of the models in my kit. It's just six models that are apparently not aligned correctly with the axis (Z forward, Y up and X right). Some of them are flipped like -Z is forward (ridiculous, I know). My bullet model faces upwards and it's not good for them. I really hate this new way they are handling it. I even had to create unnecessary prefabs for some meshes that are absolutely useless, but they wanted me to. If someone helps me real quick and properly I might give that person a voucher for my kit on the asset store (: Thanks
  7. I suggest going from 5.3 to last 5.x then to 2017.1 then to 2017.4 and then to 2018. Years ago I did the same with premium fps kit 0.7 I think (I think it was from unity 3 to unity 5 and going there directly didn't work either).
  8. of the weapon's root object, where the animation component is.
  9. in Unity 2018 it's a standard asset (sort of) and can be imported using Package manager.
  10. I am legitimately impressed if you are 12 years old, especially the animations. If you keep going you could become a really good and maybe even famous animator one day. Good job!
  11. Nested prefabs are amazing and will find very good adoption in my kit when it comes to upgrading to a new version. Right now it's some work but with nested prefabs it will be as easy as unselecting the part prefabs that you modified when importing.
  12. Didn't try yet but I think that will be to late at that point because they already collided? I'll see
  13. Hey guys, I want to make some doors that have collision detection like in the source engine, where the door would not continue to rotate when something (e.g. a player) is in the way and not clip through him. Any ideas how to go about that? I was thinking of a rigidbody, but I am not exactly sure how I would make it rotate to a specific rotation.
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