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  1. I really don't think there's anything wrong. They aren't physically connected. Why should there be a navmesh if there's no connection?
  2. Welp, actually you stated your opinion.
  3. No, not at all. It's normal that it doesn't fill up completely, that's because of the NavMeshAgent's radius. You can change that in the bake settings if you like, but you will get bad results at runtime.
  4. This isn't a discussion about the best networking solution for Unity, just saying lol
  5. I really don't agree, and what does it add to the topic?
  6. I could use Photon and Bolt, it's up to you really. Can I get some screenshots and more info on what would need a mp port? It would certainly be a lot of work, so not cheap. Maybe we could discuss it in PM.
  7. Dude that is COD MW3 lol. On topic, Networking solution? Time frame? How much would you pay?
  8. Hello everyone, in Bolt you can attach a token when you detach a network from the network, in my game Vengeance I use that to create the ragdolls from the animated model and that works really well. Now I was wondering how I could achieve similar behaviour with Photon (PUN)? Does anyone know a good and efficient way to do that? Thanks in advance
  9. No, that's the same kit. Same networking, same code. Just extended.
  10. Oh, they got stuck in the spam filter. Anyway, don't waste your time with my old kit, use something else. It uses a networking solution that is no longer supported.
  11. Not necessarily. The kit's designed in a way that allows for easy implementation of a register & login system, a simple enter username (that's by default), Steamworks authorization, etc...
  12. That might actually be a good idea if it goes well. So I think I'll go with Photon first (since I have already begun with that) and do a uNet version later.
  13. It's still though, I am not sure how popular uNet is in the customer field. Is Photon still as popular as it used to be?
  14. Hello everyone, as some may know, I am working on a multiplayer FPS Kit for the Asset Store. Currently, I am using Photon but I was thinking whether uNet might be better. What's your opinion on that?
  15. Maybe you can help me out. I'll pay of course. What are your prices?