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  1. Did you made the Wargrounds Wallpaper with Cinema4D or with wich program ?
  2. Maybe now a Battlefield kit ? joking i think a updated cod kit for users that pay , not me , i got no money ._. greetings
  3. same here b2t : i search but found nothing to remove
  4. got it (one over you) , im rly new in this section , i dont know how to set up , i try now port forwarding but need help what must i enter here ? http://i.epvpimg.com/StwUc.png Greetings
  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH , first i dont find good tutorials but now i have one , ahm im here http://i.epvpimg.com/StwUc.png what must i enter (port can i choose or ?) greetings.
  6. Happy new Year @all - Sry im a little bit late and OMA - oma is translated in german grandma :DD Greetings from Germany - Cant wait for new year gift o:
  7. what do i need ? server sdk or client sdk ? and how to set up , any tuts ? greetings
  8. But if i release the game everybody needs hamachi ... thats a problem ... no other way ? greetings
  9. Got this var connectToIP : String = ""; var connectPort : int = 25001; if (GUILayout.Button ("Connect")) { Network.Connect(connectToIP, connectPort); } this too if (GUILayout.Button ("Start Server")) { //Start a server for 32 clients using the "connectPort" given via the GUI Network.InitializeServer(32, connectPort, useNat); } What to do ?
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