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  1. When I wrote this, it did not sound so malicious in my head. I meant that you should not lay out the very first hand-crafted article. I did my 1 job for about 2 - 3 years (I'm 14, and I do not even remember xD). You will not believe it, but it was a vase. Then the box (In the desk, not just the drawer), then I wanted to simulate a gun. Namely, Usp. Under the account 3 work. She and the next couple were in Blender. The following models were made in 3ds Max. There I made the 1st model of the technician, t. Here is the link: https://vk.com/kostyan_stranica (This is a popular site for us) There's a photo, you'll find some of the early models. Due to the fact that I did not have the texture in 3D Max, I had to abandon everything. Now I make games. Yeah, 1 site is generally cool (No) ... Good luck!
  2. gongon

    modern weapons

    This models not rigged
  3. gongon

    modern weapons

    Brackeys.. just good yt cnannel.
  4. my first model looked better ... Why put this out? I have not seen such a trash yet. Good luck!
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