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  1. Sounds really interesting Good luck on the drivers license! Can`t wait to see the human AI in action
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MortenVJensen.RubberDuckHunt That`s my game
  3. Thanks mate Feel free to use it for whatever you want
  4. I really like this project. If you need any testers please contact me as i would love to help with testing. Keep working on it!
  5. Hey mate! Sent my skype to you over PM. Can help with code but not the most advanced person in coding but can help you if you want.
  6. Sorry for not responding i have been busy with a bunch of things in my life at the moment. I have been checking up on the post here and thanks to all the responds i made my first ever android game! So thank you everybody for helping me! Hey sorry mate didn`t mean it to come across like that I am really greatful for all the help you guys have giving me! It was and still is an important problem but i just haven`t had the time to check up. Sorry if i made it seem like i didn`t care.
  7. Looks really good mate! Keep working on it!
  8. I don`t know what to say... I have some questions for you tho. 1. How much LSD did you take to get this idea. 2. Looks like you where on LSD when you made the assets for the game. 3. If you choose to sell it i hope people get LSD with the game.
  9. So now i have been trying for over 3 months on getting started in Unity again. It`s like i really want to start on Unity and code a game but i can`t really get started. Most of it is because i don`t even know what to make and the other things is the fact that i can`t make models, sounds, fx, map design or anything that needs to be made for a game + i don`t have any money to just buy everything for a game. So what i wanted to ask all of you in here is what do you guys do when you want to get started but you just can`t ? Thanks in advance
  10. I know that myself but i simply added it in there as people that doesn`t work with saving data that much normally want to use playerprefs
  11. You can do it with Playerprefs, Json, Binary Serialization and XML. If you can`t figure out how to do it then shoot me a pm and i can try to help. Just know im pretty busy but when im not busy i can help. Json: Player Prefs: Binary Serialization: XML:
  12. morten2808

    Aim sysytem

    I know that mate. I made it simple so he could understand it. So he wouldn`t ask for help about the script.
  13. Okay thanks! Will try that
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