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  1. Today i made a little level system for people that needs a simple level system in their game but don`t really know how to make one or maybe just need something as a place holder xD Readme.txt is in the package! Click the blue text to download now Level System.unitypackage
  2. I really like those! I have tried pixel art before but mine was shit xD What program do you use for it ?
  3. It looks really good! I will follow your thread so i can follow the progression
  4. Hello Armedunity! So i started to model a little again. I have always wanted to make some low poly models so I thought I would start making some to learn modeling and maybe in the future make high poly models! I will be sharing a lot of low poly models (not only weapons ), and I will update this post when i put out a new package of low poly models! I thought I would share a little pack with 3 low poly models in. NOTE : All of the models and packages i post in this thread is free to use for anything! You can use them for Non-commercial and Commercial use. Package #1
  5. Looks great! Can`t wait to see more of it!
  6. I get the Resident Evil vibes from that video xD Nice work mate! Keep up the great work!
  7. Yeah i couldn`t agree more with you! I also love C# and use that I know sometimes you can get stuck on learning coding as i do that myself sometimes xD But i thought i would show you the game i made : (Not trying to promote my game just giving you some motivation ) It took me a month to make everything (Not models but only code and some UI as i got some help from a friend with UI) and i would never had made that game if i haven`t started messing around in Unity for a few years ago No joke the way i learned to code was i made a little shitty level system and then deleted it again and coded it all over just improved it each time Then i tried making simple inventory and crafting So just keep working and messing around with it! I would love to stay updated on what you make
  8. Hey mate! It looks good I love how happy you sound just to mess around in unity as you learn coding faster by trying your best insterd of just looking at videos So keep up the great work and keep learning! Btw what coding language do you use ?
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have always wanted to learn it so thanks for telling me! Will try
  10. Hello! So i have always wanted to make something like little robots that work with code... But my problem is i can`t find any infomation on how to get started on all that! Like what do you use to make software communicate with hardware ? Just an example here --> (how do you do so if you click a key on your keyboard then it sends that to the hardware and turns on a light or something like that). If there is anyone that can point me in the right direction please do! I would love to learn how to make software talk with hardware! NOTE : Yes i have already looked on google but i can`t seem to find anything that really tells you how to started! Thanks for reading!
  11. Maybe they would but i don`t really know any 2D MMO that is really big... That`s why i think that there will be less people saying stuff like that. I am sorry for my shitty english!
  12. Mate i know that there are many of those MMO`s but what i mean is that people will just start saying he`s ripping off WoW or it is a WoW clone... Like i play WoW myself so i have nothing agaisnt it xD It`s just people always call things that look a bit like WoW a clone or rip off
  13. I probably think it`s because the 3D MMO is mainstream and he wanted to create something that`s not many devs that have done And to try something new i guess + If we was to make a WoW style game with would just hurt the game as people always say it`s a WoW clone. To gallighan This project looking really good and i would love to try it some day! Keep on going! Nice to see some devs trying other things then the mainstream stuff
  14. DAMN!! Mate it looks awesome! Pretty good low poly model i must say
  15. I really hope it isn`t too late yet xD Btw thanks for making this giveaway!