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  1. Problem with getting started.

    So now i have been trying for over 3 months on getting started in Unity again. It`s like i really want to start on Unity and code a game but i can`t really get started. Most of it is because i don`t even know what to make and the other things is the fact that i can`t make models, sounds, fx, map design or anything that needs to be made for a game + i don`t have any money to just buy everything for a game. So what i wanted to ask all of you in here is what do you guys do when you want to get started but you just can`t ? Thanks in advance
  2. How to properly save a List and load it (Inventory)

    I know that myself but i simply added it in there as people that doesn`t work with saving data that much normally want to use playerprefs
  3. How to properly save a List and load it (Inventory)

    You can do it with Playerprefs, Json, Binary Serialization and XML. If you can`t figure out how to do it then shoot me a pm and i can try to help. Just know im pretty busy but when im not busy i can help. Json: Player Prefs: Binary Serialization: XML:
  4. Aim sysytem

    I know that mate. I made it simple so he could understand it. So he wouldn`t ask for help about the script.
  5. Pixel Art

    Okay thanks! Will try that
  6. Pixel Art

    Hey mate! So i would really like to learn some pixel art and i was looking for a some tutorials and yeah i found some but i don`t know just don`t feel like they explain the things they do and stuff. But i would like to hear how you started learning a little bit of the pixel art. Like how did you start on those pixel arts you shared on here ?
  7. Noveske NSR Assault Rifle

    DAMN! That looks really good!
  8. Scripting help

    Mate... I made you a fully working crafting + inventory + item Database script for FREE and then you don`t even use it... Like what the fuck mate... Why don`t you use what i made for you and then edit it to what you want. Reason i blocked you on skype was because you kept on asking me for simple stuff like why C# code wouldn`t work in a .js script. Please mate i made you a fully working crafting + inventory + item Database that you could use and i even called you on skype to help you set it up. I legit don`t care if you use it, but please READ the code and learn what the functions do and what everything means. Then after that make something simple because the only thing you keep doing is spamming ArmedUnity with questions. Last thing is... Do you really think someone would make you those scripts for 5$ ?

    This game really look amazing and i can`t wait to see more about it! Keep working on it!
  10. Hello !

    First of all welcome to the community! Nice to see some new people around here! ------------------------------------------------------------- Before you look into the tutorials then remember to not just copy what they do. So if you`re watching a tutorial then before you just type what they do try to read though it till you understand what it does else you wouldn`t learn anything. I know it all to well myself as i spent 3 years of my life watching tutorials and never learned anything myself before i just jumped in and tried to code without help! Brackeys makes tutorials about unity. https://www.youtube.com/user/Brackeys Blender Guru makes tutorials for blender. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKHwx1VCdgnxwbjyb9Iu1g You can pm me if you need help with scripting in C# just know im not the best at it but will do my best to help you out! Once again! Welcome to the community!
  11. Photon Turn Based ?

    Hey so for some months ago i found out that Photon had a service for turn based multiplayer games and it was really cheap. So now i randomly wanted to make my own turn based multiplayer game so i looked photon turn based up but i can`t seem to find anything about the service anymore. Or i can still find it but it`s in the real-time package now but i remember that there was a package only for turn based games. Note : Yes i have already looked it up on google but can`t seem to find anything. Thanks for reading.
  12. Ghoulie's Dungeon

    Damn i love this project! I hope this will be released some day! Please what ever you do never stop developing on this game!
  13. I couldn`t agree more with you! But damn at the "Drops mic" i died xD
  14. Level System /w Playerprefs

    No problem! I love to make scripts that other people might use