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  1. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    New wrench in family
  2. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    Trowel and Hammer ball peen wood handle edition
  3. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    this is high poly , i make large shapes in high poly and surface small details in substance painter
  4. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    like you said its for practice wanted to make/work with different materials than weapons , i really like working on guns but always wanted to try working on smaller props and so that why stated working on a pack , its fun small project
  5. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    another hammer
  6. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    hello guys started working on prop/tool pack for selling purpose . pack price would be 10 $ and will contain 32 models or more . this is models i have already finished working on, C&c welcome . For 3d viewer: https://www.artstation.com/nika7586
  7. hello everybody have not posted here long time i have missed this forum, so anyway i am working on little horror project and streaming modeling progress on twitch you can watch stream here : and if you want to follow game development progress please join our discord: https://discord.gg/w8ZtMfm
  8. i didnt finished m4 and i dont think i will finish it , if you want i can share model and you can check what have i done
  9. i have used maya and blender before but my favorite was 3ds max because interface , but in the end it really does not matter with software you use its all same
  10. if you dont have any knowledge of modelling any software would be little hard in beginning , and no 3ds max is not hard to learn
  11. started learning substance designer C&C welcome
  12. thanks guys, and i dont think polycount of high poly version would be any problem because game ready version will be around 10 or 12k polys
  13. so i have not modeled anything like almost year because i was busy with studying for exams i had skipped one grade and entered in university finished 32 exams so i am want to go back in modeling and take some time to remember and improve my skills and so started modelling its wip at the moment https://gyazo.com/c5f566f77cfd8ff65e9763bc31312f57 https://gyazo.com/2d34401eef70988d9005afc645ae997b https://gyazo.com/0259fdf105a73268a086cbefd3697b5b https://gyazo.com/9ef4ef2905cd2a2ec590182a31be07fc https://gyazo.com/ab7bed791aa37e4668f9dda64cc252b2
  14. lol yea that what i said first, some models are good made some are poorly but i didnt wanted to be rude and sad you didnt made .
  15. for the price 7-5$ is good price because this pack is low poly it dont have lots of details on it , it would good for mobile games or maybe web browser games
  16. hmm i think 7-5$ would be good price for this packs for weapon pack 2 you should fix your topology on knife it dont looks good and yea its need more work like adding texture shotgun need more work too on textures for weapon pack 3 i have nothing to say its ok or i would work little more on knifes textures and does this models have normal maps?
  17. ok you should work on axe and p90 more they are not ready for assets store yet and what it will cost?
  18. i dont want to be rude but did you made this ? m9 has good textures and m4a1 too some point but i doubt that p90 has been textured and axe needs more work to it can you show wireframe images and texture sheets too and one more question does this models have normal maps or only defuse ?
  19. i am proud of you son ( great job )
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