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  1. Hi, Been struggling with animator set-up on one asset i recently bought and trying to convert it into unet system. The problem currently im facing is syncing the animations properly, the setup is built on child objects and the animator is the child of the main player object, by giving the child object proper network scripts like networkanimator etc will make another network identity which wont get spawned or perhaps there is much easier way to solve this problem to fix animation syncing for child object?
  2. As OcularCash mentioned, it would be much safer security wise and would be more easier to use php and wwwforms, but in this case, if you dont want to use it then, the error always references connection mistake, double check your string connection field, remove extra whitespaces infront of database,host,username and password, keep it simple. NB! Also some hosts limit certain acces from certain ip's, under phpmyadmin you can see from hosts, which hosts are accepted by mysql server.
  3. Thank you for your point of view, i think i'm going with blender, since it's free and i dont want to buy 3ds max, c4d or any other, since they are expensive and i dont want a cracked version either because i'm creating a commercial game. I do have probuilder advanced and am kind of good with it at making buildings, but i'm more interested in making props for my game, player items, maybe even clothes but i dont really want to make crappy looking objects, more realistic and decent poly count. As far as i have used probuilder, i mostly used it for level design and buildings, maybe you can even make axes or other props, but i'm not really sure. One thing i always think about, is that modelers always take a reference image they model or not, somebody on some asset forum mentioned that he used to use reference images to model certain type of 3d models.
  4. Hey Since i have been developing my game for a while and sometimes in need of resources, i thought i could give some lecture or course a try on 3d modeling & design topic. I know that there's a lot of 3d artists on this community, so i would like to ask your feedback, how did you get started and what kind of methods of learning did you use. For example, did you self teach yourself, then how? by watching youtubes videos, trying mess around in the 3d application or any other ways. Would it be better to focus on a single application and look up courses on that or find a general 3d course, which gives the basic understanding, if it's possible between different applications to teach like that. Anyway, interested to hear your opinions and experience.
  5. It's easier if you make it multiplayer at the start, not implement it later. Photon is a more like a network library, more complete solutions while in unet you have to create most things by yourself. Maybe think the story first so the development wont get stuck because you dont know what to create next?
  6. Andrus99


    If you want to use animator style animation shooting you could make a new animation controller, attach the controller to your player, then from idle state make a connection with for example boolean parameter state that connects to shooting animation clip. And from code: public Animation anim; public bool ShootingStatus=false; void Start () { anim = this.gameObject.GetComponent <Animation> (); // make sure you have an animation component attatched to the gameobject. } void Update () { if (Input.GetKey (KeyCode.Mouse0)) { // if the player presses the key "r". ShootingStatus=true; }else{ShootingStatus=false;} } void LateUpdate(){ anim.SetBool("Shooting",ShootingStatus); } PS! i just quickly wrote a example script, this might not be correct, i will double check it after i get home from work. What this script does exactly is, is that it transmits the parameter value to animator and the animator does the rest, plays the clip. I highly suggest you take a look at this brief unity offical tutorial: (trust me you will thank me later) https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/animation/animator-controller Why i'm suggesting this method of shooting, is since legacy should stay legacy, you could expand easier with the animator system etc i will let others give you advice, why animator is better or what not.
  7. I'v had similar problem with objects and i found out that unity auto built some pre-built lightning/light-map that screwed with it. Maybe you have the same problem, worth a try. Try switching auto lightning off from lightning tab.
  8. There are youtube photon networking courses from 2014 or something, but only photon networking course wouldn't help you, yes you could do networking stuff, but you would still need basic understanding of networking and network architecture. Take a look here: https://doc.photonengine.com/en/pun/current/tutorials/photon-unity-and-networking-links
  9. Andrus99

    Max car speed ?

    Perhaps you could use ienumerator with waitforseconds to add additional speed units while using nitros, so basically in the nitro state you do something like this, it's just an example: private IEnumerator AddNitroSpeed(float waiting_time) { if (!usingnitro) yield return null; while (true) { yield return new WaitForSeconds(waiting_time); //Add speed addition code here } }
  10. Your network structure should always first authenticate the user, then load the playerlist into a list from database, xml or text file, you decide. If you want it to be secure, you should definitly hold it server side in a database and make a encryption service within authentication. Now, if you want the player to join/add people with accept, you could do a request database where a sent player id or hash is stored, received hash is stored and status, or just a general friendslist database table which holds sender,receiver and status, the architecture depends how you want it and how correctly. After you got the data and data communication you could just simply request data from the server, if a player is friend or has requested to be friends etc. You can PM me if you want network or PHP / server side help. I can give you explanations and tips.
  11. Andrus99

    Please help

    Yeah, some are some not, im speaking in general difficulty of the project. It's better to take a smaller bite
  12. I'v used this tutorial to detach certain parts of the buildings for my game: https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-make-an-object-shatter-into-smaller-fragments-in-unity--gamedev-11795 You could use it for character aswell if you have your character split into several meshes, a few zombie models on the asset store already provide that actually.
  13. Andrus99

    Pseudo Code

    You should ditch all the regulated programming language syntaxes, make it pseudo, as the title says or if you really want, make a simplified javascript style syntax for it. An pseudo example: DebugMode = Open; forceJump = KernelGet("forcejump"); newValue = 1.5; KernelSet("forcejump",forceJump*newValue); DebugMode = Close; point i'm trying to make, most people understand reading programming code, if it in a simplified structure. The thing that confuses most people at start, is the programming language syntax and regulations, variable types etc. So maybe ditch the floats, integers, strings? Just a thought
  14. i dont quite get what you want, are you wishing to load item list from xml to the game? are your items seperate gameobjects? I would approach it that way: Load xml data Run through loop of xml data and create a object for each item, attach script to the instantiated object and attach the item attributes to the instantiated objects component inside loop from xml line.
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