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  1. You are right about that and I will certainly look into that
  2. OOO your are right, so basically in the script, once you press the button "save creation", your work will then be saved to the designated folder called "Saved Emblems" created at the start of opening the application. Also the creation will have an saved png file and a .crea file
  3. AssetStore Link https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/95522 Basics Design your own creations and have them saved directly to a folder in One Click! With the Ultimate Emblem Editor, you can be as create-ful as you like. Features There are many features that come with the UECE such as : :: Saving & Loading Creations :: Custom Color Selection :: View all Creations Tab :: Easy Resize and Rotate :: Import images of your liking :: Easy Setup of Layers :: Drag & Drop into Game :: Preview saved work :: Layer Switching :: Delete Items :: Import others saved work :: Switchable Resize Modes :: Duplicate Items :: Suitable rotation System AND MORE TO COME! About UECE As a developer, I am open to improvements and ideas of what sprites and such features should be added to make this product more efficient to consumers. Setup Video : AssetStore Link https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/95522
  4. Wow man you already in university congrats man and keep doing what you do
  5. Hey I do not understand why this warning keeps showing up. I instantiate my weapons to my player and they have Animators on them that are set and ready to go, but one is disabled and one is enabled. Once I enable the secondary, I then get a warning "Animator has not been initialized". I looked everywhere in the code and could not seem to find the problem. It is causing some states to not play. Thank you for your help.
  6. I was just wandering what this was : BoltNetwork.Connect(UdpSession session) I dont understand what the session variable is supposed to be. I have read the docs but it does not fully show my how it works. Very disappointing. :/ I am just trying to connect to the Session.
  7. Tbh I this forum gets a lot of fps games... Its really the same fps games over and over and many ppl can get a lot of money by making and selling fps kits and models, the reason is because so many ppl want to make an fps. I am making an FPS myself, but I start to realize that ppl are right about how fps are becoming very similar to each other and not many unique features. What do you guys think of my opinion?
  8. Hello, Progress is still being made while the wait for a new pc build is on its way. Next video will be a new Mode and an advanced Ai bots. With an addition of a new selection of customizations.
  9. This is getting ridiculous LMAO
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