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  1. you learn a logical only as how?
  2. I have mastered the consistency but my code is very ignorant, have you anybody can help me master them, i'm wanting to start from 2D game, can you tell me now what should i do with C # .Thank you so much . Tôi đã làm chủ được sự thống nhất nhưng mã của tôi rất ngu dốt , có bạn nào có thể giúp tôi thành thạo chúng , tôi đang muốn bắt đầu từ game 2D , bạn có thể cho tôi biết bây giờ tôi nên làm gì với C#
  3. Hello everyone in the group. I would like to introduce, my name is Quy, I was born and raised in Vietnam I'm passionate about games since I was in 5th grade through games like Cs 1.1. vice City ..... and to 10th grade i started learning pascal code in class and C in youtube. I learned unity in 2 years but not quite perfect. My dream is to be a coder for the game as members of the ARMEDUNITY community Thank you for viewing this article !!!
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